uni Masters and the Apprentices of the Force

This maybe off topic but I enjoy tremdously the inputs/advices by the wise uni ‘masters’ that contribute on this forum.
I for example would like to know more background/accomplishments of Harper, John Foss, Gilby, etc

So I wondered if those ‘Masters’ would enlighten us ‘padawans’ with their background history and insights; also where do they draw their powers from…
Light or the Dark side? (sorry for the Star Wars tie-ins, couldn’t resist :wink:

I’m not great at this whole thing yet (only been at it for a few months!), and so I have to agree. This website, unicycling.org and all the tips up at unicycle.2ya.com (or whatever that web address is :thinking: ) have been incredibly helpful in my learning to date, and I’d definitely be back in the stone ages of riding circles around my block and being excited about hopping around now if not for the effort of these people.

Also, I tend to read threads if I see they were last posted in by one of the people above, because whether or not it’s relevant I usually learn something :sunglasses:

keep posting, you guys are cool.