Uni Magazines?

Hey is there any unicycling magazines out there. Not like a bike magazine with a few pics of unicycles but like a real unicycle magazine.

There is On One Wheel which is a quarterly publication put out by the Unicycling Society of America. To get the magazine you just need to join the USA. Joining the USA also allows you to participate in the yearly convention and other events.

Re: Uni Magazines?

On Fri, 6 May 2005 18:42:44 -0500, “john_childs” wrote:

>There is ‘On One Wheel’

In addition to that unicycling magazine with a long tradition but
(pardon me saying it) mainly in the past, there have been a few plans
for new unicycling magazines. But until now they have purely remained
in the future (pardon my words again, just for symmetry). Meaning:
some people have considered starting a unicycling magazine quite
seriously, and posted about it in this group asking for ideas,
marketing plans, subjects etc. But nothing has ever come off the
ground that I know of.

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