Uni magazine

I tried to search but, but found nothing, so even though i suspect this has been asked before here I go.

Has anyone read or subscribed to “Uni”. If so is it any good?

Yes, loads of people have.
Yes, it’s excellent.


It’s good. I read every word as soon as it comes in the mail.

yep ive got a subscription, it’s sweet




Totally worth the money, itsgreat, and you should get it.

Awesome, informative, high quality color printing and good variety of subject matter. Looking forward to issue 3.


when is issue 3 coming out?

If the Unicycling Society of America is open to new ideas, they may adopt UNI instead of the in-house newsletter we haven’t been getting for the past year and a half. My idea was to combine the magazine subscription with USA membership, hopefully for the same price as a regular subscription. People who don’t want the subscription would pay a much cheaper price for a minimal USA membership. Then the magazines could include an insert for USA members with updates and other information that may not belong in the magazine.

If you’re a USA member and this sounds like a good idea to you, please use the USA’s contact form, or better yet contact the board members directly.

Thanks to all of you who replied… I’m getting my subscription now. :smiley:

If you just mean to distribute your newsletter WITH the magazine, and to include a subscription with your membership fee, then fair enough.

If you’re proposing to hijack the magazine and turn it into the USA newsletter I’d say that’s a bad idea for everybody else. Not everybody lives in America you know (;)) <- semi-wink, semi-serious. It should stay independent in my opinion.


I am sure that what John is suggesting is that a membership includes a subscription to Uni Magazine, as it has more information and better articles than the newsletter that never gets written. I am sure that he is not suggesting poaching the name and reproducing the magazine for a purely US market.

I didn’t really think that’s what he meant - or at least I hope not. I was just checking - with the relatively small circulation of UNI magazine I suspect the entire membership of the USA would represent a significant proportion of the readership. If they started using their “majority subscriber” status to manipulate the mag for their own benefit I don’t think it would be a good thing on the whole.


Exactly. Enough of a boost in subscribers (we hope) that it would make a significant difference in Mike’s being able to keep the magazine going. These things are really a lot of work (and expensive) to produce. If the numbers stay small it may not survive.

But attaching it to the Unicycling Society of America should not affect the magazine. USA members could get an insert in their Uni Magazine (I think I already said this), that could be one or more pages, and probably a simple B&W thing. Mike Penton has noted that he could probably do the inserting and mail them out directly from his place. The same could work for other unicycle clubs or national organizations.

I know that, and it would indeed be a real shame if the mag could not survive because of lack of subscribers…

…but it would be almost as sad IMO if it became “the Unicycing Society of America magazine”. I know that’s not your intention though.

I suspected that’s what you meant - that would be a nice idea.


Has anyone asked Mike Penton how many people have subscribed or how many he thinks he needs to make it worthwhile to keep Uni mag going. Why has the U.S.A. slacked off so much with OOW? I too hope UniMag can survive a good long time.

Just placed my yearly subscription. Thanks Mike.

when is issue 3 coming?

if I subscribed now would I get issue 1 and 2 or would I have to order those seperately?

You can place an order to include issues 1 and 2, or start with issue 2. It’s all on thier website. You can also order issue 1 and 2 separately, but the subscription gives you a 2007 calendar and a uni buff.


PS: this page is for USA orders.