Uni Magazine

Sorry if this has been posted already. Haven’t been on in a while. :S

There’s a new unicycle magazine available for people in Aus (at least, not sure about other countries)

Check it: http://www.unicycle.au.com/View.php?action=ProductDetail&Code=UNIMAG

And here’s their site: http://www.unicyclemagazine.com/

This has been posted before. you can get them in america two. They ship anywhere. they have been out since july if not before. I think it was july

Thats the first time it has been sold direct through UDC.au though…now i might consider buying it without a massive postage fee

Great magazine. I am anxious and can’t wait to see the next issue. Of course there is the buff and calender to look forward to if you have a subsciption.


The postage fee is included in the price! :open_mouth:

Depending on the exchange rate at the time it’s the same price to get the mag from both places.

I just ordered my subscription and I’m anxious to receive it =D


It rocks, I have the first issue lying here and I’m going to subscribe to it, advise everyone to do that. It’s a great inspiration!