uni magazine

the difference in a normal magazine and this ‘expensive’ one is like 4 bucks.

4 bucks.

I’m just waiting that someone like Tyler Cox take pictures of all the pages and post them on the forum so I wont have to pay…

hum so how do we call people like me cheap, smart???

Haha, I was just thinking about that.

hahaha I remember that, I think he learned his lesson last time :roll_eyes:

oooh a free buff if i subscribe… :roll_eyes:

i’ll probably subscribe despite the buff.

I just had joined when he did that(different name) and was wondering where it went, I didn’t realize Gilby had taken it down.
That is how I found out about OOW, and after that I wanted to join just to get the magazine. So it worked out better for them, even though I never did join.

Money wise, smart, miserable tightwad…

Ok, so I finally put down the $60 for the subscription despite the fact that I just bought a new uni and a new car and can’t really afford it. But, the urge finally got to me and I just couldn’t help it. No matter what the sacrifice is I can’t seem to get away from this. Anyway, I know that I will be happy with my choice, even if it means a shortage of money for a little while.


But incredibly worth it.
For a machine with only one wheel, no chain and no handlebars, a unicycle is also incredibly pricey.

People subscribe tO PC Magazines in order to get some free software, and that’s just a bunch of ones and zeros…

I subscribed to the uni magazine also - 30 pounds (in the UK) to get 6 issues is a fairly reasonable fiver per issue, plus the free buff and calendar. It’s not that expensive for a magazine.

For those in the states, bear in mind you may also be paying extra for shipping to get the copies over from the UK - a magazine with a large circulation probably wouldn’t have a problem with this, but I imagine the uni magazine is small enough for it to be a noticeable cost to the publishers…

Well I ordered my subscription way back on 7/7/06, and still no first issue!:frowning: Anybody else been waiting this long? 18 days and counting!

did you order directly or through UDC?

no from the uni mag directly. He said Ishould wait 'till monday then he’ll send another one if it doesn’t arrive by then.

I ordered mine late July and it hasn’t come yet so I emailed them and they were really nice and said it must have gotten lost in the mail so their mailing me another one and if I end up getting two just to give it to someone who might enjoy it.

My original order didn’t arrive either so they mailed me another which was delivered pretty quickly; But the first one never got here.

alright it came today! I’m so pleased with the quality of everything, well worth the cost.