uni magazine

I would imagine that all you have to do is email them and tell them in advance.


Thanks for your praise everyone, it is a pleasure to hear it. I’m glad no one else has injured themselves as a result of reading it!

Naturally the magazine does need your support to survive, so the more subscribers the better!

Address changes are not a problem, you could move house once a month and as long as you let us know, you will get your copy!

Thanks again,


I looked at a copy yesterday and can say that the’re just as high quality as any skateboarding magazine, only way better with awesome articles and pictures.

I am subscribed, my dad did it, I hope it gets here by Friday as I am leaving on a trip and hope to read it on my 10 hour drive.

I just wanted to comment on how nice the first issue of the magazine is. Everything is first-class. Every non-rider I have shown it to was impressed with the quality and all have had a hard time putting it down once they start flipping through it. It really seems that seeing a print magazine about unicycling makes people give it a little more consideration as an unusual, but interesting activity.

Thanks for the hard work in getting the magazine going, Mike.


I’m STILL WAITING for my first issue! It supposedly was sent out on 7/7/06, and I was told 5-7 business days. Hmmmm. It’s been 2 weeks now and still no mag. I PM’d mike penton, so I hope he gets back to me soon and can help me. It seems most if not EVERYONE has their uni-mag but me! I can’t wait to see it!:smiley:

I subscribed last night. Looking forward to getting it :smiley:

My copy of Uni arrived in North Bend, Washington Tuesday, July 18. This was thirteen days after it had been placed into the post in the UK. This was, of course, entirely the fault of the respective postal services. As I told Roger from UDC.UK, delivery would have been faster back in the days of Royal Mail steamers and the iron horse :slight_smile:

That was the bad news. The good news was that it was well worth the wait. My congratulations to Mike on a superb first effort. I hope Uni will be able to live up to this newly established standard for many issues to come.

my dad ordered it friday and its here!!!
Im so happy, I have a 10 hour drive tommorrow!!!
and it is here!!!

Jeez, that is a really expensive magazine. Thats 3 times the price as most magazines and it is only 60 pages long with 6 issues/year. Most magazines are around 120+ pages and are 12 issues/year. Even with the buff that is incredibly pricy.

If I ordered now when would I recieve the first issue, and also when is the second issue expected to be released?


I guess you’ll just have to stick with one of the less-expensive unicycling magazines.

BTW, I think the cover price on PC Magaine (one of the other mags I read) is $5.99. Most of the magazines seem to be around that much on the newsstand. Subscribing is cheaper, but those are magazines with competitors and circulation that’s thousands of times bigger. If more people subscribe, the price will go down…

ER, don’t be reading it while you’re driving.


I won’t drive, I will be riding in the back.

Do booksellers like Barnes & Noble sell single issues? If not, where can I get a single issue?


Go to this site to order a single copy or a subscription.


Today, I just received my first issue out of the six in a subscription. I only ordered online a few days ago. In paging through it, I would say it’s fantastic and well worth the money. My suggestion would be to subscribe, but if you want to pay just $10 and get one, do it soon so you get the first issue.


But…I don’t want to wait for snail mail. And, seeing as the price for a subscription exactly equals the price of 6 issues, I think it makes sense to buy the issues one by one, at least for now.

if you subscribe, it comes with a uni buff, which is worth $20, is completely awesome and works perfectly as a helmet liner as well as many other things, and has uni graphics on it!

I was sorta feeling the same way when I saw the price($60…00USD).
But I believe it is our duty as unicyclist to bite the bullet and subscribe.
I am thankful to have this Free forum to communicate with other unicyclists, and get priceless information about my favorite sport. Maybe you can feel this will offset the difference in price somewhat? I do~:)

Well, this is the first magazine for unicycling, well, at least I think it is.

That being said, for this being the first time, the price will be kinda high, look at KH unis, when they first came out, they were pretty expensive, now they arent as bad.

I say its worth the money, now if only I had an extra 60 dollars to spend.