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i know there have been posts on this magazine already but to the people who subscribed could you post a pic of what they sent you and how thick is it? could you also give me some reveiws on it:)

I’m still waiting for my first issue; I was told 5-7 biz days for delivery, so it should be here any day now. Hopefully I’ll get it soon! (Anybody else been waiting more than a week for yours since ordering?)

I got mine at NAUCC. 68 pages, however thick that is. Best English-language unicycling magazine or magazine-like thing ever made. I’m not aware of anything that ever came close and I’ve seen a lot. If you’re serious about unicycling this mag is a must-have.


does it have anything in it that you cant get on the internet

Are you serious? Sixty plus pages of high quality glossy pictures, articles, reviews, history, and more. I have read a bout half of it, and am trying to take my time. It will be months before the next one comes out.:frowning:

Well written articles.
Reviews of products.
Event reviews
Ride Reports
Previews of upcomming events
Advertisements of products we want.
World class photos

Don’t you wish you could take all your emotion for unicycling and drop it in the hands of one of your friends or family members? This magazine does that. If you don’t have one you are missing out.

Since its written & published by a professional team, with content submitted by some of the best riders in the world, 100% of the content is available nowhere else. Not only is the content entirely original, it is also very widely spread, covering all aspects of unicycling:

A Gallery of Quality Unicycle Pictures (Street/Trials this issue)
An Interview of Roger Davies (Business, General Interest)
An Article on the French Unicycle Federation (Organisations, Foreign Interest)
An Article on Hockey Balls (Hockey, Team Sports)
An Interview with George Peck (Origins, Off-road)
News & Product Reviews
Article on the Surly Conundrum (Equipment, Product Development)
Article on MOAB (Muni, Conventions/Gatherings)
Brake Fitting Tutorial (Distance, DIY)
Article on South Africa Juggling Convention (Foreign Interest, Conventions/Gatherings)
Interview with Julien Monney (Foreign Interest, Competition)
Article on crashing at 30km/h (Distance, Techniques)
Article on Mondo XVII Jugglefest (Conventions/Gatherings)
Article on BUC 13 (Conventions/Gatherings)
Article on Riding the Elevator Shaft (Muni, XC)
Saddle Comparison Article (Equipment, General Interest)
Interview with Wendy Bignold (Research, Teaching)
Article on Taiwan Trip (Foreign Interest, Muni)
Article on a ‘Kids Coker’ (Distance, Product Development)
An Interview of Dan Heaton (Street, Videography)
A Preview of UNICON 13 (Conventions/Gatherings)
Article on useful body exercises (Exercise, Health)
Events Calendar

Wow, I never realised there was so much content! Also, I own the products (or use the services) advertised by 7 of the 11 adverts.


News is available on the internet, people still buy a lot of newspapers. The quality of this magazine is great, really heavyweight and glossy with good photos and layout. Not read all of it yet, although i have atleast skimmed most articles, but I’m looking forward to the next one already.

Yes, it’s all new content. Very professionally done. Fantastic. I thought the interview with Julien Monney was especially good.

Go and buy it now!


Yes, it’s all new content. Very professionally done. Fantastic. I thought the interview with Julien Monney was very good.

Go and buy it now!


Is somebody cheap?

It’s worth paying for something lik e this AND to supporting this magazine in its early days is our civic duty as unicyclists.

This magazine may also become a collector’s item as a publication of this type is so rare…maybe the only one in the world? Cool. :sunglasses:

I just received my Contributor’s Copy last night at the juggling club.

How fantastic is this magazine?
Infinitely fantastic.
To quote Douglas Adams on the issue of 'infinite…

The thrill of holding and paging thru a magazine of this calibre, dedicated to something most passers-by would have us believe should be a shamefull obsession, is really, really kewl.
My only complaint would probably be the lack of a fold-out, Harper-Hottie centerfold.

Mike and his team have done an incredible job and deserve beers all round.

You know those ads you always see for some product, and in the one corner there’s a comment made about the product by a celebrity of some sort?
And you sometimes look at the names of these celebrities and think to yourself 14:45,…46,…47?
There’s a similar ad in this mag, and guess who the celebrity is?
No, Kris Holm is too easy. Dan Heaton? Nope, he has a whole interview in the mag.
Or better yet,


You know you want to.

You know you have to.

I bought a copy at NAUCC, and it’s great. I wish I could subscribe, but it’s just too much money for me. We would’nt have bought a copy at all if it hadn’t been that I was (kinda) in it. :smiley:

You lost me there…

did you guys get the free buff? If so what does it look like?

The buff comes with the next issue, if you subscribe now.

oh yeah now I remember.

oh yeah now I remember.

I bought it instantly when I first saw it and paged thru it. It truly is a GREAT unicycle magazine and I hope many people buy it so it can continue. I personally like all the cool/sweet photos in it cause now I have something I can show my family and friends to show them that it’s not all about clowns. I brought it to my cabin and had it laying around and my entire family and friends picked it up at different times, paged thru it and told me they never knew people could do some of that stuff on unicycles. Overall I think it puts a “cool” attitude towards unicyclers in general.

This should take unicycling to it’s next level. I bet there will be lots of people that start unicycling after seeing this magazine, like the skater/biker type kids who see some of the sweet photo’s and want to try it out.

I’m glad this thread exists. It has inspired me to subscribe to the mag. Really, I think $60 is cheap considering that’s six issues, postage and handling, a calendar and a buff. I’m not really into buffs, but this might change things! I usually don’t save magazines, but I’m sure I will save these.


Hmmm. I was about to subscribe (despite my huge lack of money), but I’m moving house in a month or two. Is there an option to change your address halfway through the subscription?