Uni Magazine news - recruiting, prizes & issue 10!

Hi everyone!

Firstly, we’re looking for advertising sales staff!
it’s part time, you’ll be selling to non-unicycling companies in your region.
You’ll need experience and self-motivation! email us with your CV and a covering note for more information…

Secondly, Issue Ten is out and we’re very pleased with it! Inside is loads of stuff: The best guide to street performing, level 4, more mounts, and Mr Kris Holm gives advice on descending rough terrain.
We have group tests on some amazing backpacks and all the touring handles: T7, KH and Coker Pi. Also an interview with Joe Hodges. :slight_smile:

Finally, we have possibly the most ridiculous competition ever for a free Aquapac Wet & Dry Backpack as well as for future issues more free DVDs for submitting your photos - we gave away three in issue 10! send them in to our email address on the website.


Hey Mike :smiley:

Are we able to submit more than one photo?


I’m keen for Firstly I will try and send my CV tonight.

Does it matter that I live in New Zealand???:smiley:

Pedro, you can send in as many photos as you want.
unicycler100, NZ is fine!

Damn fine edition of this mag. One item in particular caught my eye. There was a photo of a trials saddle, made by a new company set up by Yoggi. It might have been photo’d at a very flattering angle but it looked slim. Like a Selle Italia Flite compared to a normal b*ke saddle. It also had nice graphics and the cover attached through eyelets at the bolts. Unfortunately the link is not yet up, but then it is not yet August when these are promised for (it was at unicyclekingdom.com, I think!). Did anyone else think this looked promising?

Sweet thanks

The “JS (Josie Siebold) design” sadle on the back of the mag is just a ripoff from the KH sadles…

The Unicycle Kingdom brand looks to be very good.

Dont spoil it for us :stuck_out_tongue: Did any body see me in issue 9 in the pics I was doing a seat drop :sunglasses: :smiley: