Uni Magazine Issue 7 is in the mail!

oooh, what have we got in addition to the usual stuff…
Kris Holm giving the low-down on sponsorship, an interview with Ken Looi, Murata Girl’s personal life, information on avoiding injury, a group test on tYre levers (I was amazed at how they differed), another cool Mike Tierney desert ride, plus how-tos, loads of reviews and other stuff.

If you’ve renewed your subscription lately you’ll get the 2009 calendar (and 2009 comes with January 2010 for free!) and your lightweight Uni Magazine backpack!

Those of you unfortunate enough not to live in the UK should get yours before Christmas but only just… the postal services make no promises to anyone this time of year!

Have a good Christmas!

Wooo! I can’t wait!

Aw you’ve spoiled the surprise!

Are spoon handles included in the tyre lever test?

Happy Christmas to you.


Shall we call you Santa?

Hey Mike!

That’s awesome. I must say that Kris article can help a lot many riders!

Can’t wait to get mine!

PS: I just received mine issue 6 the day before yesterday Mike! Thanks!

Mike -

Is it just a subscription renewal that receives the backpack/uni calendar?

I was gonna pick up Subscription 6 (6-11) and was wondering if I would get those two items.

I’ve asked my mum for a subscription for Christmas lol… would I get the back pack and calender too? :smiley:

I subscribed at RTL… Will I be getting any freebies? :roll_eyes:

I need to renew my subscription, but have carelessly disposed of the renewal form that came with the last issue!

Would there by any chance be a handy way to resubscribe online?

Cathy: We did consider including spoons and keys, but they vary too much in design - when I was a kid I had a very good spoon! And I didn’t mention the KH announcement so I didn’t spoil it all!
Pedro: soooo slow! airmail is meant to be a good service :frowning:
Siafirede: yes, all new subscribers get the backpack and calendar
1-wheeled-grape: yes :slight_smile:
CoreTechs: yes! - I’ll check up and email/pm you…
Blue: shame on you! subscription renewal is the first option in the shop…


Look forward to receiving issue 7 Mike. Uni Magazine rocks!

I was planning on getting a subscription when i saw the magazines at the BUC. I forgot until now.

Seeing how you are now a calendar pin-up guy, you really should get this! Mr June! :sunglasses:


Haha really, what photo is it?

Cool, I shall order now then!

Backpack? What about the buff?

Buffs are sooo last season.

Yeah, they call me ‘last season Cath’ :smiley:

You’ll be able to see for yourself in 6 months and 19 days :smiley:


Oh, and Joe is Mr April… but you’ll see that 2 months earlier!

The buffs are great. Mike turned us on to some great treads with those. Use mine all summer to avoid sunburn thru the helmet. On cooler days, keeps my head warm. My balding head appreciates that buff.

I’m wondering what I’d do with a backpack. Maybe poke some eye holes in it …