Uni magazine issue 5 is here!

Got a pleasant surprise this morning. Mike Penton’s latest issue 5 of Uni magazine has just hit the doormat. The cover picture is Sam Wakeling riding up a road straight during RTL.

As always it’s ten minutes before I leave for work so I can only quick-flick through the pages, but it appears to be the RTL special taking the majority of the pages, with comprehensive results. Also an article on how to build a wheel, and some good pictures of aspenmike riding the independence pass.

There’s also some very good news on page 4 partially explaining why this issue arrived so quick…

Thats a nice surprise after last issues fiasco. Mostly RTL though, hmmmm :frowning:

Myne just came like 2 seconds ago
im going to read it now bye :smiley:

Mine has come in good time for me to read it on the way to the airport going to Unicon.

Mine came, I am happy :slight_smile: The missing wheel cartoon is quite funnny.

theres a great tutorial on how to still stand and ride skinnies
and review on seat post clamps.

Yay! Good news on the early arrival of issue 5. Even better news on the wheel build article as it means that even if I have never been in the mag myself, at least I own a piece of equipment that has! (It is a 24" KH rim with black ISIS hub, right?)


Quality reading material for my constitutional lunchtime poop.

That is most definitley too much information

I got three free and unordered copies this morning. Looks as good as the last four issues that I paid for. Have emailed them as I probably don’t desve this generosity;)


Wow! Great job Mike for getting the issue out so fast.Can’t wait for my copy!

i should probably subscribe to uni mag sometime… and buy the rest of the copies. Or, Mike should get barnes and noble in st cloud minnesota to stock up on them.

It was a nice surprise to see the post this morning, and the news that things are more sorted out for the future is even better.

This issue looks really good, I like the fact that there is a lot on RTL, I couldn’t be bothered to read through all the threads on the Newsgroup, there were so many.

Well done Mike, good work.


I like the new centerfold, What’s her name and what Uni is that??


Miss Harper is pictured with a jugglebug.

Go oooooon… it’s inevitable once you utter those words anyway, and your life will be complete once you buy whatever it is after all :smiley:

Yeah, but I didn’t get a chance to look until I got home this evening.

Thanks. I didn’t even spot those ones. Cool!


Why isn’t there any info on there site about issue 5?
I didn’t recieved mine yet, maybe next week.

I’m pretty sure there’s a photo of you at Sleepless in one of the back issues too.

Getting the mag today was a nice surprise, I’ve read quite a bit of it already and seems like it gets better every issue:) It’s particularly nice to see an Aspenmike article in the mag at last, and even the group test of seat clamps makes for an interesting read!