Uni Magazine issue 12?

Anyone receive issue 12 yet? Mike’s website seems to suggest that they had been mailed around Christmas time, and out at the start of Unicon, except for new orders, which could take until the end of Jan.

I emailed/PM’d Mike to ask if issue 12 was on the way, or when to expect it, but haven’t yet received a reply. :frowning:

Ha, I don’t blame Mike not answering. He is on his honeymoon! :slight_smile:

He is back soon.


I bought a subscription last week. I’m looking forward to reading my first issue ever.

Terry, is your UCC article in issue 12? I’m thinking of making one myself.

Wow, that’s a long honeymoon, lol! But you’re right, I don’t blame him either.

So will you get the previous 5 issues, (issues 7-11) plus issue 12? I think that’s usually how it works. I subscribed to the original first 6, then let my subscription lapse.

By the time I renewed, several issues had been missed, so all the ones missed were mailed together, bringing them up to date. It may not work the same for you since you didn’t have a previous subscription.

So now I have issues 1-11, and waiting for issue 12 to come. Thought we’d all have it by now, since Mike had said they would be mailed at the same time Unicon started. Better late than never I guess! :smiley:

No. Was wondering when it might be due. Now I know there’s something nice to look forward to.

I sure hope I start with the current issue, like a typical magazine subscription.

Their site says:

I didn’t leave any comment at checkout, assuming the default is to start at the current issue. I figured I’d get started at either 11 or 12. But I just emailed them to say I’d like to start at issue 12.

It’s great that Mike offers those options. I guess since I’d already started with issue 1-6, but missed a few after that, due to my subscription lapsing, that it would be nice to catch up on the ones I missed and keep everything in order.

(To the other question in your last post, I’m pretty sure the ucc article will be in issue 12. :))

I don’t mean to be pushy since Mike is busy, but any news on when issue 12 will be sent out?

From another thread, Mike said: When's the next Uni mag due - #5 by mikepenton

SOrry for the resurrect- I haven’t been on the forums all that much lately.

Has anyone gotten issue 12?

I think it’s the last one in my subscription, and I’m not sure if I need to renew now or after I get it. Basically, I want to make sure I get all the issues I paid big $$ for, and make sure I don’t order duplicates. . .

I just heard from Mike and he said it’s running late and is d doing last-minute editing and will be printing soon.

The suspense is killing me.

Yeah it’s pretty late. I spoke with Mike about a week ago and still no projected mailing date, and apparently he’s still editing and has not printed yet!

Man, if this wasn’t the best uni mag in town, I’d consider not renewing.

Uni Mag is like the ATT iPhone of unicycle periodicals.

The way I look at it is that the subscription is for six issues, not for a length of time. As long as those six issues eventually exist I’ve got what I paid for. I’d rather wait until there’s enough content for a decent mag than have a skinny copy delivered “on time” just for the sake of regularity.


I second that rob!

I feel like that as well, I was just rereading some of the last magazine tonight, and there are some really good articles in it.

It is good that the magazine representing our sport is good quality, even if we have to wait.