Uni Magazine custom technical shirt - 28 April '09 order deadline!


We’re producing a custom shirt for an upcoming event and would like to offer it out to anyone who might be interested. The price is GB£40 and the orders close on April 28th.

It is the Endura Coolmax MTB Jersey in short sleeves with a concealed zip. there are 3 pockets at the back (like a road cycling jersey and also with a zipped rear pocket for valuables and a glasses wipe too! Unfortunately it is unisex, so my apologies to the ladies and sizing information is at http://www.endura.co.uk/Dept.aspx?dept_id=150

You can order as many as you want, the price is GB£40 each including postage, this is the best price we can give and is not a profit-making exercise.

The order deadline is the 28th April and the web page to order online is http://www.unicyclemagazine.com/shirt.html where you can also view the design. Payment by UK Cheque and cash is also accepted. Delivery time is approximately eight weeks as these are being made to order and there will be no spares.

I’ll be at the British Unicycle Convention this weekend so may not be able to answer any questions until late on Sunday…

I’m in.

UK only or does the rest of the world join the fun to?

Oops. Good point! I paid, so I really hope the rest of the world is allowed to order!

“It” is a worthless pronoun, therefore it is zero dollars.

As for the cost of the jersey, Google can help you. But you already knew that. Since you’re too lazy, and I’m curious, here’s the answer for today.


How hard is it to type “currency converter” into Google?

A lot easier than typing a big, lame-o explanation of why one didn’t…

Other countries have dollars too, such as Australia, Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan.

For some reason, that just makes me mad…

thanks for the orders so far, it is the same price for delivery to anywhere on the planet.

Why is it yellow? Why isn’t it purple?


What, the Uni Magazine logo?

Maybe Nathan Hoover got to Mike very early-on. Don’t know about the purple though…

BTW, the only reason I’m not ordering one is that I have to put available funds toward a trip to NZ… :slight_smile:

Enough people expressed their doubts about purple so we thought we’d have a change of scene… sorry!

My order is in!

It looks white to me (with yellow and black bits). I’m glad it isn’t purple anyway! I’ve ordered mine, it’s gonna be great for Mountain Mayhem:)

Last day for orders, I’ll be placing the order at 09:00 GMT on the 29th…

Just ordered mine can not wait to get it.

Thanks everyone, the book is now closed
now for the long wait!

Mike, forgot to ask - how long is the long wait likely to be?

They’re arriving just in time for Mountain Mayhem (19th June) and we’ll mail them out as soon as they arrive - of course you could come and collect yours at Eastnor Castle before riding a couple of laps - I’ll give you some money back too!