Uni - mag Spring 2007

Is anyone else UK based and still waiting for their copy of the Spring edition of the uni mag? I ordered a single copy to try on 10 April, that’s over a month a go and still it hasn’t shown up. I did enquire and the publisher said they’d had computer problems but that was two weeks ago. :frowning:


Issue 3 says that issue 4 is due out in June, so I’m not panicking just yet :wink:

I guess you’re probably waiting for issue 3 then.

i have no issue 3
no buff
and no calender
and im pissed.

Still waiting on issue 3 here in RVA…

I have just had a message from the publisher to say they are posting out today/tomorrrow (Issue 3). They have apparently had some problems. Hopefully our mags should reach us by the weekend. I guess it will take longer if you are outside the UK.


pm me or email us with your name and address and I’ll be able to confirm that you’ll be in this mailing.
Apologies to the few of you who have had problems, it’s been a difficult few weeks.

Not sure what issue I got recently, but it was great. Read it my flight to Minn/St Paul last weekend. Great articles, great pictures. Must have.

I am now and have been very interested in subscribing to “uni”… alltho I have to say I see alot of post on here about issues not ariving. I am sure all problems are fixed. Seems there is no garrenty on timlelyness of this mag. How is shipping to the U.S? I cant complain, there is no other uni mag, and I have not tried to subscribe first hand. Im sure everythign always works out in the end and will hopefull be making my subscription soon.

Yes, but that is probably because people don’t write posts when it arrives quickly. All three copies arrived at my house without problems.

I got a copy in New Zealand, and it came something like 3 days after people posted up here saying they’d got it in the UK.


But I Want It Now!

I bought a single edition the middle of last week, and it has not come yet- was hoping to have it for the weekend- does this mean I won’t?


i just bought one ‘uni’ mag, assuming id get just the latest magazine but i got sent issue 1 And 3 for 2007
thats cool

Have you got issue 4 yet? I haven’t :frowning:

I corresponded with Mike Penton, the publisher of Unit Magazine, yesterday. He said issue #4, originally scheduled for publication in June, has been delayed. He said that he hopes to have issue #4 out around the end of August.

I suggest contacting Mike directly anytime you believe that you are experiencing a problem with your subscription, have a question or are looking for information on the magazine. He has responded almost instantly to all of the e-mails that I have sent to the contact address posted on the Uni Magazine Web site.

thank you, I original suspeted that it could have been delayed, but just wanted to make sure


It’s just like subscribing to The Catch all over again.

Still, I’ve subscribed for 6 issues, not for a year. I’d rather end up with 3 quality issues a year than 4 rushed or incomplete issues.