Uni Love!

Here is mye new movie: http://vimeo.com/4573681

Please comment :wink:

Hope you enjoy!:smiley:

nice the outlip down the four sets was great and the flip out of the grind too

Nice!:smiley: The picnic table thing was cool!

I don’t know about that music though…:stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice video!!! Love Tripple-Wrapwalk and the outflip down the 4sets;)

really nice video;)
outflip down the 4 set was really nice…its hard for me because its easy to flip too much :stuck_out_tongue:

keep it up!

see you at EUC;)


nicely done.

Yes :slight_smile:

cool vid nice 4 set outflip

sweet vid!!
the table combo (at 1:05) was nice :smiley:
and your outflips are also pretty good :wink: