Uni Lingo

I posted this originally in another thread, But there has been alot of talk recently about Unicycling Terms and how they are kinda lame. Now this may be for officail and international reasons. But I just wanted to hear some other ideas on new terms for old tricks.

Wheel Walking = Crossack or TOOFENO (from another thread)

                  Does anyone else thing Toofeno is alot like Tofino (place in Canada)


read it backwards.

I gotcha, but you dont hear the similarities when saying both of them…

I personally like toofeno as a uni trick name. But I think it makes more sence as the one footed thing… ohh perhaps that’s what dave ment…

I could’nt use “toofeno”…because every time i’d say it i would think of Tofino…then i’d just want to go riding there…and since i don’t have a car, i would have to ride all the way down lsland…and since i live in Courtenay it would take me about a week (probley more) without stopping…therefore every time i would use “toofeno” i would be automaticaly exhausted…lol

                    Happy Trails.

Re: Uni Lingo

Checkernuts wrote:

> Wheel Walking = Crossack or TOOFENO (from another thread)

Wasn’t toofeno riding backwards one footed??

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