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the Unicycle Lab

I have done up a few unicycle shirts, stickers, hats, that kind of thing on zazzle.
I dont plan to keep everything up for ever. I will eventually do my own printing or find a local printer.

At the very least I am claiming the title Uni Lab, or Unicycle Lab. Which will eventually be used for bigger and better things.

Maybe it’s just me, but those “I (uni) NY” tees… looks like the guy is pooping a unicycle. Perhaps you could do something with the angle of the shot, or his legs, or something…?

Cool Stuff! I like all designs that you made!

I would buy the hoodie and the cap if I had money right now! Maybe next week!

Hey, all caps are in von dutch style?! With nylon net on the back?!
I would like much more a cap like NY caps… All closed :smiley:

I hope to buy something next weeks :smiley:

I would buy one if the exchange rate was more friendly at this point in time… A tshirt posted to aus was gunna cost me over $50AUD :frowning:

You will have to wait on the caps until I work out a deal with New Era.:wink:

Mid 2009 I will hope to have a better international sales setup working, as I will not be counting on Zazzle for the shirts.

As for the pooping unicycles. It might not be just you, but I dont really see it. I mean the unicycle does go right under the ass, so what’r you gonna do. I went with that image as it is fairly heart shaped.

Got a sweet clip of you from the event last weekend

I like them Sam. A streetUni shirt will be ordered for me soon!

I’ve got a sweet short clip of you at the event last weekend. Mind if I post it to VIMEO?

Please do. I have been getting anxious to see some photos and such.

I love the t-shirt ‘street uni’ :smiley:
Can you also make a trial shirt or something like that :smiley: ?

Some trial gear would be cool!

You can try this stores for caps:


In the first store, you pay 35 bucks to put a design once, but the design is saved and you pay cheaper for the next caps…

I’m thinking in making one!