Hey I just got back from the beach! Great fun! I did have a hard time finding the right sand to uni on, but once I found it, I went on a little 6 mile ride. Nothing terribly eventful, though I did get bowled over by some crazy dogs.

I bought a para-stunter when I was at the coast. I had in mind to fly while on the uni at the beach, but the combination of sand and trying to control the kite wouldn’t have ended up being pretty.

I came home and a few days later (today) the wind started kickin’ up! I would guess 30-40 mph gusts, nasty stuff (though it was sunny!). So I decided that it was the time to try riding while flying the para-foil. I launched the para-foil and even though it’s small it slid me on the gravel road. I eventually got on the unicycle and was ridin’ high.

I enclosed a picture in the attachement. Pretty sweet, eh? Anybody ever tried this before? The line actually broke/untied right after the picture, beacause the wind was so strong.

did you have anything to strap yourself to it?

You mean like a harness? No. With the full size ones you need it, but mine is pretty small, but it gives quite a pull…

That’s awesome!! Now someone has to try this on a BC Wheel…

Do NOT strap yourself to any kite, it can be very dangerous, the rigs that are used by the traction kiters (surfboards and buggies) are specially made to release the kite in case of emergency. Imagine what it would be like to be pulled by a 200 (or more) pound force into some rocks or a wall.

Traction kiting is the most dangerous form of kiting.

That said, I’d love to hear more about this:
>What level unicyclist are you?
>Was the kite a two line or a four, it looked like a two, but I’m not sure.
>How hard was it to balance and did the wind gust any?
>How did you get on the uni, before or after launching the kite?
>Is there a video, please?

  1. Haven’t been tested and I’m not too big on doing anything fancy, I could test at a level one. I’m pretty good at just simple riding, nothing fancy.
  2. two line
  3. It wasn’t too hard to balance. The wind was gusty. It was kind of like going to down a hill. I had to keep the kite towards the top of the ‘window’ so I wouldn’t biff. It ended with a ‘graceful’ UPD, if there is such a thing
  4. I got on after launching the kite. I put the kite up in the neutral position and held it with one hand (not easy with the gusts) and then it took a few tries to get on the uni, but I never crashed the kite
  5. no video, sorry. Maybe I’ll try to get some footage.

ps thanks for reminding everyone about the safety issuses. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for someone tying themselves to a kite and being dragged around.

Uni-kiting, tried that a while back http://members.tripod.com/~derek_b/kite.HTM decided it was a bit silly with not too much future in it… but good fun trying…

(Idiots On Unicycles)

dunno about kiting but i gor towed behind a motorbike the other day, i cant coast so i got up to about twenty five before my legs gave in and i fell in a heap…

hey north - got any vids/pics? your website lookin’ a bit empty.

North, Learn to glide, I enjoy gliding behind a bike but it can take a while to get to full speed. Aint tried a moter bike yet.


the website was taken away guys… sorry…
you’ll see my video soon enough… im going to start filming for it at BUC, ill be doing alot of filming this winter… and hopefully hook up with you guys in your various parts of the country so we can take on your local spots… hoping to have the video out by summer 2005… which is a long wait i guess, but ive been holding off to get my skill levels up… and my budget is whatevers in my wallet, which means i cant pay anyone who appears in it sorry…
im planning a series of them called warrantee, with the first one provisionally called ground zero, im hoping between us we can do some thing to rival universe, but we’ll see…
now my secrets out… whos interested in being a star?
im also looking for unsigned bands to supply the music, if your in one or no any…
ill have my cameras and release forms (that you sign to say i can film you) at buc, i got no camera crew this year, so anyone interested in doing some filming, let me know

nobody wants to play then?

uni kiting wow the many paths in the world of unicycling never end

has anyone ever tried doing rolling hops onto a static skateboard?
the results are hysterical
disclaimer: it aint my fault when you bang your head!