I was fortunate to be on holiday in Germany a small town near Frankfurt this summer, when the German Cup for unicycling was on.

I went along and saw some very good unicycling. The event was devided into two parts track and free style. I sat and watched the free style. It turned out to be predonantly young girls taking part. This is a sharp contrsat to my experance in the UK where uni is perdomently male orintated and more trials/muni.

Whats more I never even saw a juggling ball there. What is the ratio of juggling unicycleists and those who only uni?

Re: uni/juggling

From the exhaustive survey of the 6 german people I know (not through unicycling), 1 in 6 germans ride unicycles and none of them juggle.

It does seem like it’s really big out there, although I think Neumunster where my mums friends live is a bit of a hot-spot for unicycling.


i juggle, and i unicycle, but im still working on juggling while i unicycle.

Same here :slight_smile: But having said that, I don’t do either particularly well :roll_eyes:

My two sons and I all juggle and unicyle including juggling and club passing on unicycles. My youngest was even doing 2 diablos yesterday while idling on his uni. My sons are also very good freestyle, trials and mountain uni riders. I ride freestyle and trials but I haven’t started muni yet.


I idlee while doing juggling. Training 3-6 clubs and 4-8 balls.

Juggling doesn’t necessarily get you a big score enhancement in a Freestyle routine. That is, assuming the folks there are using the IUF rules (new or old). Though you can improve the Presentation half of your score (old rules), it doesn’t do anything for the Difficulty side.

A lot of unicyclist can juggle, but in unicycle clubs, if they’re not connected to juggling clubs, the ratio can be pretty low. And in places where unicycling is mostly not related to juggling, like Japan, I would guess that the vast majority of unicyclists do not juggle.