Uni Jousting in Hertfordshire


A small group of us are going to hit each other with long sticks this Saturday, 14th July.
It’ll be in the Moneyhole Playing Fields, off Sylvan Way, Welwyn Garden City, Herts about 1:30 onwards.

If anyone wants to take part, then let me know 07949 269 558

Shields, lances, spare unicycles (24"), drinks will be provided.
Pics to follow.

Hi Samia, Just wondering if you ment the 15July, as the 14 is a Friday.
I would love to come down if it is on the Friday can’t Saturday :frowning:

Man I suck so much!

I meant the 15th, Saturday, July, 2006.

Sorry Olwyn. I wish you could come.

If things go well I’ll organise another one!


sniff, sniff
Are there any other meets in the near future, welshie wales way?
“Oh well back to the shadow jousting.”
leaves dragging large pointy stick :slight_smile:

Not to rub salt in your wounds, but there’s a guy from wales driving to WGC to come jousting on Sat.

Next time I will certainly look to having it elsewhere, probably more westish… but that does mean that the wales driver could possibly bring you next time!

Can you post a map to the place?

Does this help?

Re: Uni Jousting in Hertfordshire

If I want’s all the way over here in Portland, OR then I’d be there!

Jousting is so fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the map Rob,

The best way to get there if you’re driving is to take the A414, then get off at a roundabout to the B195 (Welwyn Garden City). Follow the B195 and you’ll reach a Welwyn Garden City sign and 40 mph sign, go right at the roundabout (on to Sylvan Way), then straight on at the next, then straight on at the next, then right at the Moneyhole Playing Fields sign. Ample parking :slight_smile:

If you’re coming up from the south (ie M25) you need to ignore the other roads saying Welwyn Garden City (like the A6129, A1000, A1 etc). B195 off the A414 is the way to go.

If you arrive by train give me a call in advance of when you’ll be arriving and I’ll come and pick you up.