uni jousters


apparently they have a 10k prize…anyone interested in jousting me?

Hey Corbing, if you wanna figure out the details, and can assure me you won’t kill me, I’d do it. Then we can see if all your bravery and youthbeats my elderly-ness and experience!

To put it politely, I challenge you to the field of honor. (que backhanded glove slap)

Edit: But where shall this event be? Is it SF or LA? Also, we could always split the procceds… Or towards Team Where’s our other wheel!

Holly crap. If I’m not going to die, I’m in. I challenge both you fools.

When is it? Dude, I would be up for it!

It’s on!!!

I challenge Jess and John Hooten to go at it. :smiley:
Or John Foss and John Hooten.

Actually Jess and Zack would be a more even matchup. They could each do a big rolling hop and joust the other person while they’re both in the air.

Even if we don’t get this spot, we should still do a Norcal/Bay area joust sometime. I was just thinking about asking if anyone in the bay area wanted to get together from some jousting. What I really want to see is Coker Jousting.

PS. If we do it, we should try to build one of these

That was a clip I stole from the MONDO video on this thread.

It would only be good if you did it on Cokers at full speed.:smiley: Then we might see some carnage worthy of $10,000.

10,000? I’m in. That’s about a semester of college.

Thats how much I need to buy all my dream unis…for the moment atleast…Definitely worth getting impaled a few times…

well, if i hear anything back from the guy i will let everyone know.


Jeremy Schafer got called about this; he and I made a demo tape, and we heard a few days ago that they passed on it.

If you are going to pursue it, you’ll have to be more interesting than we were. It’s actually quite hard to knock each other off when uni jousting, but you might want to try intentionally pratfalling or something.

Yeah, i’m not really serious about it. I don’t have the time to figure out all the logistics. As is, i’m trying to find sponsers for “Team Where’s Your Other Wheel” in the 24 hours of adrenaline race…


Don’t forget to tape it and post the videos here when you joust.


we do it using alkathene water pipe covered in foam, with big foam balls on each end. Like smaller versions of the ones they used to use on Gladiators on TV. That works much better than a pole