Uni is soo sloww ,need more speed

Re: Uni is soo sloww ,need more speed

The funniest bit about this episode was that I did not realised they had
been changed! until I tried to mount the unicycle… and I failed on the
first freemount!


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> andrew_carter <andrew_carter.k0200@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:
> >> Roger Davies has ridden a Coker with 50mm cranks (he describes it as
> >> ‘smoooooooooooth’)
> > Wow! Nice work Roger! Have you got any photos or videos?
> One thing Mike didn’t mention was that this feat was achieved
> off-road. I don’t think there are any photos as we were just
> pratting around before the Red Bull a couple of years ago.
> Roger was trying to change his cranks back to something more
> suitable for off-road 24 hour racing when Miark decided it would
> be funnier to fit 50mms…
> Paul
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Coker sounds good ,

What is this Blueshift??

How long before one considers himself worthy enough to give technical advice on riding a simple wheel ?
As soon as you can ride a Uni on your own ?
After I post my first Newbie question??

I’d say the latter.Equipment destroyer,phff,please .


Blueshift is different for every person so you must answer this question for yourself. Start at a Lame web page then read every post by harper. :astonished:


The first link is informative. The second link is an exercise in torture devised by a cruel man with a questionable name of Dutch origin. That link will teach you much about root beer but little about anything else.

douche’ *

*Translation: touche’; I think I just got hosed :stuck_out_tongue: