Uni is soo sloww ,need more speed

Unicycling is the sloowwestt sport I knoww,
I have a need for speed Uni just can’t fill the need .
Gotta get it elsewhere till I can see the ground again .

Winters is the best time of year here ,Skii all winter Uni all summer .Never a dull unhappy moment .

People that ride Unis have to do other sporting stuff too ?? You just cant be all Uni all the time ??


Surely speed is a relative factor depending on how fast you have to think. The last time I found a crazy section of downhill on the Malverns, bouncing from rock to rock and launching over roots, I don’t recall ever yawning from boredom. It probably wasn’t as fast as I could ride on level terrain, but it wasn’t just speed that was important.

Find a funky downhill track. Try to get down it as fast as possible. I challenge you to find that slow.


Its all mountain riding here no shortage of steep nasty downhills plank rides n. s style riding ,NELSON BC we have the best riders and riding in the world here , ,but It dumps soo much snow you can"t ride it .
I posted after reading another person whinning about how terrible winter is.I won’t bother next time Sorry for being upbeat about it .


Coker, Coker, Coker, Coker, Coker, Coker, Coker, Coker, Coker, or just maybe a 29er.



Re: Uni is soo sloww ,need more speed

I like going slow. In fact, right now I’m practicing still-stands! That’s as slow as it gets!

I’m sure there are a lot of people who have a need for speed, but I’m not one of them. I uni in the snow (and simultaneously whine about the cold and the ice). Since I stink at unicycling, anything off-pavement is very “technical”.

Phil was just commenting on how speed is relative. Don’t be upset – it was just an alternate viewpoint. In fact, YOUR first two sentences are almost anti-unicycling. But I think your first paragraph is saying that you have a need for MUni, which cannot be fulfilled with snow on the ground. That’s understandable.

So how about practicing freestyle skills in the winter (plus some snow riding and other winter sports) and MUni in the summer? Freestyle is not exactly an adrenaline rush (except for the exhiliration of finally “getting” a new skill), but maybe it would keep your uni interest going all winter.

You are absolutely right that there should never be a dull, unhappy moment! Life is too precious.

Oh, and to answer your question – I am 100% into unicycling. Nothing else. That’s probably not normal, but that’s me.

uni57 (Dave)

Unicycling is the slowest sport you know? You’re not doing it right. And anyway, what about snail racing?

I’ve recently taken up fencing. It’s the fastest sport I’ve tried - and yet I might play for 5 minutes and never move more than 3 or 4 metres. Mostly, you stay in one place and move your wrist and arm a bit. It’s a fast sport because events happen so close together that you need lightning reactions. And, of course, you need to practise, to learn technique, and to push yourself to improve.

So unicycling along a flat pavement or sidewalk is a pretty slow sport, because there are very few ‘events’. You just plod along at 7 or 8 mph.

But take exactly the same unicycle and ride it across a rutted muddy stretch of track, or broken ground, or a even a cobbled street, and ‘events’ start to happen very close together indeed. Then you’re adjusting your balance, reacting, waving your arms, sweating and swearing, and it’s a very fast sport. I’ve done off road 4X4 driving, and the advertisement for the course said, ‘Experience adrenaline at 5 mph’, and it was right. On a uni, you can experience adrenaline at walking pace.

Speed isn’t just about distance covered in the minimum time. Is boxing a slow sport? Or baseball? On the other hand, I can do 90 mph on my motorbike and be bored, because the road is straight and nothing’s happening.

But if you want more speed from your unicycle, it’s a simple matter of putting shorter cranks on. This achieves two things: firstly, the unicycle will go faster; secondly, because you have less ‘fine control’, even minor irregularities in the ground surface will become ‘balance events’, so there will be more ‘events’ closer together.

Put simply: you’ve got more to do in less time.

A standard 24 inch uni ‘out of the crate’ is likely to come with 150mm (or 152mm) cranks. For 10 Pounds (approx 15 Dollars?) you can buy cranks which are 140, 127,125, 110, 102 or even 89 mm long. 89mm cranks on a 24 make for a very fast and interesting ride.

Or you can go for a bigger wheel. Trust me: riding flat out on a Coker is a fast sport. In terms of miles per hour, you might hit 15 mph, maybe more if you’re fit and skilled. 15 mph is only running speed for a fit man (a steady 15mph would allow a 4 minute mile) but when your head is about 8 feet off the ground, and you know that a fall will have you sliding on your belly for several yards, or that the Coker won’t stop under control in less than 10 yards from this speed, it’s fast enough.

Once a week, I have half an hour or so in a hall and I practise unicycling with a friend. He’s still learning the basics, so we race around a slalom course, and he takes a simpler route than I do. On my 20 inch uni with 110mm cranks, flat out, I’m leaning into the corners so far that I sometimes hit my pedals on the floor. And when that happens, events get very close together indeed!

Perhaps unicycling isn’t for you; perhaps you’ve not given it a fair chance; perhaps you’ve not pushed the envelope; perhaps you’re not up to it; I don’t know, but if your only objection is that it’s a slow sport, you aren’t doing it right.

Try some steep downhills along rough tracks, and see how you get on. Or if you have no local rough tracks, try riding backwards, or one-footed. The unicycle isn’t challenging; it’s a few bits of metal and rubber. The challenge must come from inside your head. I’ve tried skateboards a few times, and couldn’t be bothered. I’ve tried grass skiing, scuba diving, white water canoeing, rock climbing and sailing, and unicycling is the one which hooked me.

COKER + UNI.5 HUB + 89mm CRANKS = SPEED :slight_smile:

Sure you can!


Yes, my post was slightly tangent-ish, sorry. I was saying how unicycling doesn’t have to be slow rather than answering the actual question of what other people do when they’re not riding. My brain is fried, that’s my excuse.

I used to sail; I haven’t done so regularly for a long time due to there being nowhere handy to sail at uni or where I was last year. Before I came to uni though I would race dinghies every weekend; dinghy racing is one of the best competitive sports I know, I think it’s fantastic fun.

Not only is sailing exhilarating on its own when its windy, throw in a fleet of competition and complex rules and you’ve got the perfect mix… high speeds and more potential for cunning tactics than you can shake a stick at; you can be in a slower boat and still fend off a faster boat just by being a sneaky sod.

I enjoy squash too… perfect for people with energy to spare. I didn’t realise it was possible to be that knackered that quickly. You’re not running far, or very fast, but you are always accelerating and changing direction.

However, since I started, it’s unicycles all the way. As fast as you like or as slow as you like. You can’t go wrong.


Andrew Carter suggested:

<<COKER + UNI.5 HUB + 89mm CRANKS = SPEED >>

Wow! :astonished:

Actually, it’d probably = frustration and bruises. I know you were joking, but it’s interesting to look at it seriously for a moment. (Interests me, anyway!)

A standard Coker has 150mm cranks. A 36 inch wheel is 914.4mm in diameter, or 457.2mm in radius.

150 / 457.2 = 32.8, which I’d express as a ‘ratio’ of 32.8%.

Roger Davies has ridden a Coker with 50mm cranks (he describes it as ‘smoooooooooooth’)

50 / 457.2 = 10.9 = a ratio of 10.9% Approximately 3 times as difficult to accelerate or decelerate as the standard set up.

On the other hand:
Assuming the Uni.5 hub gears up exactly 50%, then you’d have an effective radius of 457.2mm X 1.5 = 685.8 mm.

89mm cranks would produce a ratio of 12.97%, so you’de be better off putting 50mm cranks on, and saving Greg all that hard work making another hub for you.:wink:

A 12.97% ratio would mean 39.6 mm cranks on a 24 inch uni! :astonished:

Now, a Coker with a Uni.5 hub and 50 mm cranks might even challenge Roger’s abilities! A ratio of 7.3%. (A standard 24 or 20 out of the crate typically has a ratio of 50%.)

He probably wouldn’t use it for hockey, anyway.:wink:

“Now, a Coker with a Uni.5 hub and 50 mm cranks might even challenge Roger’s abilities! A ratio of 7.3%. (A standard 24 or 20 out of the crate typically has a ratio of 50%.)”

You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve wanted to do this (with 150’s though)


Wow! Nice work Roger! Have you got any photos or videos?

I was onlyhalf joking though. I’d love to give it a go, and I know some people out there could handle it quite well.

But cadence and speed are two different things. I’d love to see someone try that out…



Hey some nice replies,

I love Uni, Muni .
I can’t think of any technical questions about Uni/MUni to ask except,I
wished I could pedal faster,as far as just riding ,I don’t mean concrete , I find it easy.Anything I need to know with come from more miles,my mind.
So I guess I’ll have to comment on how the weather sucks , Winter Rocks.


Oh, don’t let that stop you from posting. Silliness, self-deprecating humor, replies devoid of meaningful content – there are plenty of ways for you to participate here. I, for one, have not asked a technical question in MONTHS! Nor do I intend to!

You could always post in Just Conversation. Over there, anything goes.

Another empty post, brought to you by…
uni57 (Dave)

Indeed there are. Currently I am enjoying pointing out the spelling mistakes of others. Dave’s posts in particular seem to be particularly bad at the moment. Tch… :smiley:


“Main Entry: 1hu·mor
Pronunciation: 'hyü-m&r, 'yü-
Function: noun
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Seems you’re all wet, Phil. :wink:

I particularly like this bit:

“One entry found for humour.
Main Entry: hu·mour
chiefly British variant ofHUMOR”

-Christopher (about to go out to fill his gullet at an Indian Buffet)

Re: Uni is soo sloww ,need more speed

keaner <keaner.jzzot@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

> Unicycling is the sloowwestt sport I knoww,

Not a keen cricketer then? Test matches (internationals)
can take 5 days and still end up in a draw `cos there
wasn’t enough time to finish.

Paul (who plays cricket, but not on a uni)

Paul Selwood
paul@vimes.u-net.com http://www.vimes.u-net.com

Re: Uni is soo sloww ,need more speed

andrew_carter <andrew_carter.k0200@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>> Roger Davies has ridden a Coker with 50mm cranks (he describes it as
>> ‘smoooooooooooth’)
> Wow! Nice work Roger! Have you got any photos or videos?

One thing Mike didn’t mention was that this feat was achieved
off-road. I don’t think there are any photos as we were just
pratting around before the Red Bull a couple of years ago.
Roger was trying to change his cranks back to something more
suitable for off-road 24 hour racing when Miark decided it would
be funnier to fit 50mms…


Paul Selwood
paul@vimes.u-net.com http://www.vimes.u-net.com

So pedal faster and stop complaining:)