Uni interview for local magazine!

We had a short little interview and photo shoot today after having been spotted by a journalist from a local magazine. The magazine titled “Momentum” covers all manner of self propelled forms of transportation and will be coming out in a couple of weeks with its premier edition here in Vancouver, B.C.

My uni pal and I were just out in the lovely morning sunshine today doing some simple trials stuff around the seawall near Science World. The journalist spotted us while she was cycling (of course) by on her way to the office. She asked if she could do an impromtu interview and take some photos for the mag. So we happily obligued and I was delighted to get in some good plugs for the Vancouver Uni Club as well.

Cool, now we are stars no doubt…LOL!


will there be a link available to read the article?

All right!

Momentum is a very cool independent alternative transportation newsprint magazine that is distributed free to the masses in southwestern British Columbia. Momentum was started about 18 months ago, and they practice what they preach by delivering issues to shops by bke cart. The magazine covers a diversity of stories ranging from global transportation issues to pop culture to public transit to alternative commuting vehicles (choppers, skateboards, art bkes, etc), with a focus on the alt. commuter.


No published articles are online, but I’m sure Erin or I (addicted Momentum subscriber) will make sure you get a peek at the article.

Way to go, Erin!

Great place at the right time, Erin. Way to go! Sure would love to see and read the article when it comes out.