uni-ing in snow!

Friday we were released from work at noon for the Christmas holiday. I had my
car all packed for a road trip from Columbus Nebraska to my home in LeRoy
Kansas. Of course I had my unicycles!

The temperature here has been cycling between 20 degF and 32 degF for the last
week. It had been dry until the night before when we got a light dusting of
snow. Fairly good traction in the morning but slick and melting as the day wore
on. Melting and refreezing continuously on heavily trafficked service roads and

I got parked in the parking lot and got out to walk in. I glanced at my MUni in
the back seat and thought “What the heck!” Wearing a hard hat, insulated
coveralls and steel-toed work boots, I rode the 1/4 mile or so from the parking
lot to the guard gate at the employee entrance to the plant. The guards were so
dumbfounded that I was through and down the road before they had time to react.
I rode to the timekeepers office and then to our work trailer.

It was funny because we have a lot of workers up from the Southern US who are
NOT used to cold weather. They shiver and quiver and complain about how hard
it is to work/drive/walk. We kid them often, giving winter safety tips like
“Don’t eat yellow snow” or “Take a pair of pliers when you visit the
Porta-John (outhouse-style toilet facility) because your hands will go numb
and you won’t be able to zip back up” and the time-honored “Don’t lick any
thing made of metal”.

It really jolted their brains to see someone riding a unicycle on ice. I did a
little sliding around on the ride out at noon. It was getting slippery and I
still had on my inverted-tread street slick. I did a couple of dismounts but for
the most part I just cruised.

I’m sure that when I get back there will be a brand-new rule against riding
unicycles in the plant! I rode my bike to work for a week before they ruled that
I had to dismount and PUSH the bike while inside the plant.

It made the whole exercise pointless: ride 20 minutes to get to the gate then
push the bike for 15 minutes to get to my work area! I haven’t stopped riding
to work–I follow the rule conspicuously to make a point of what a stupid
rule it is.

Happy holidays to all Dennis Kathrens