Uni’ing in Sand Dunes

I’ve just got back from my holiday (vacation) in Cornwall UK and of course we had to take our uni’s (we being my son and myself) although my wife only knew for sure when we got them ready to pack in the van, she had suspected though :slight_smile:

The site we stayed at had some sand dunes separating it from the beach and they proved to be an excellent playground for us on our uni’s. Has anyone else been uni’ing in sand dunes?

We had great fun and as a plus UPD’s into soft sand make for good practice which proved itself yesterday when I took my son and his mate on a MUni ride and we took the video camera along. While in the sand dunes I did some intentional dismounts into a roll, sort of commando style, just for fun. Well while my son was filming me (a rare thing as we prefer to be on the opposite sides of the lens) I had to use the roll for real and I didn’t even think about it (no time to really) and it’s all on video :slight_smile:

As a side note does anyone know a unicyclist in Plymouth UK? On the way home (Sat 24th Aug) we stopped to watch a film at the Warner Cinema there and when we were leaving the car park a guy was pushing a unicycle, looked like it had a knobbly tyre, whilst walking with a woman. Had we seen him a few minutes earlier I’d have spoke to him and as I don’t tend to see unicylists by chance I now wished I’d stopped to say hi.


RE: Uni’ing in Sand Dunes

Hey Gary. Yea, sand dunes are great! Very forgiving when jumping or falling. The only drawback was the maintance time after riding…that is cleaning the sand out of my cracks and hub.

My buddy [Nick] edited a fun video of our rides. I’ll email him to post it.


Yes they are great and a tip from me is to wear cycling shorts with tight elastic to stop the sand getting into the cracks :wink:

I think it was your site John that gave me the idea :slight_smile:

The sand was a mixture of hard and soft and not too fine and I think my 24” x 3” Gazz rode a little higher in the sand than a 20" x 1.75 tire would. :smiley:

I’ve put up a video clip of the UPD.