Uni-ing in Austin...

I would like to take this opportunity to tell all the readers of this message board about an exceptional human being named Eric Lancaster in Austin, TX.

In addition to being an accomplished rider, Eric offerd his time, unicycles, and knowledge to me as I was in Austin on a business trip this week, and we had a killer two hour all-terrain ride through the urban trails, parks, dirt single-track, and urban sidewalks of downtown Austin.

Eric’s hospitality and generousity were astounding, and greatly appreciated. I got to ride a Coker briefly for the first time, and his KH-24 was a BLAST. (I only have a street-oriented Sun 28")

Despite the Austin heat, and the fact that my ass was totally kicked, it was an epic ride (for me), and it was a privilege meeting and riding with Eric.

Thanks again, Eric! Keep Austin wierd!

You are correct. Eric is a great guy to hang out and ride with.
He is so un-weird I am surprised they have let him stay in Austin this long.
Glad you had a good time. If anything ever brings you to San Antonio, let me know.


Wow, Thanks!

I’m just trying to pass on the hospitality I received from times when I have gone to other towns to ride. Plus, I just have fun riding around Austin.

I had a blast yesterday. (edit - it seems like yesterday, but it was actually the day before)


I wanted to go. Bummer.

Here here! I echo the sentiments about Eric. I enjoyed his frequent visits to Memphis while he was working in near-by Little Rock, Arkansas. ChangingLinks in Austin, too, showed me a wonderful time during my visit to Austin last spring. Hummm, Austin my proudly boast of its weirdness but/and the folks that I’ve encountered from there are super-nice and hospitable. Three cheers for our extended uni-community and our brotherhood/sisterhood!