Uni in the Valley

Greetings group, it is I, hidden7 from waaaaaay earlier this year. I
haven’t had a lot of time to scoot around the basement on my Uni due to
lots and lots of work. So I’m not thrilled about that. Also, I think I
need some extra support from humans :slight_smile: Anyhow, I am working on
relocating from chilly Edmonton to sunny Silicon Valley (Palo Alto to be
precise). I am intrigued in the idea of being able to uni to and from a
nearby apartment to work. But I will need help to achive this goal! So I
remembered someone in the newsgroup had posted pictures of a ride they
went on up in the mountany areas back in December. I’m thinking that
Edmonton may not have the highest one-wheelers per capita but there’s
probably a bunch of you there. I’m looking at coming back to the Valley
at least one more time before I make up my mind to migrate. So if
there’s anyone in the area who wouldn’t mind idling forward to help me
out a little…