Uni in the snow

i just got back from unicyclin in the snow it was soooooo SWEET cuz you can turn sideways really fast and slide downhill then bail and so much fun stuff

I Highly recoment it if you got any snow yet:D

I went riding in the fresh 5 inches of powder we got. =p

Did some nice trials riding, then a lot of messing around.

By the time I got home, my uni was covered in snow, the cranks had some piled up on them, the pedals were stuffed with snow, the inside of my rim and spokes where filled with snow, and my tire kept picking up tons of snow. Then I was soaked and snowy.

Ill get a picture of what I look like next time I go riding. =p

yea its soo fun:p

Specially when you doing a nice gap, and as you compress, your tire just slides away as you go flying through the air. That made me laugh after I landed on ym feet and my uni tumbled off the stuff I was riding on.

hehe well im not super good so im wasnt out doing any gaps tonight
but tomrrow ill go find maybe a 3 or 4 footer(i havent tried anything exceedin 2 ish feet) and fly off into the snow.

and i havent started with gaps cuz im Shit at rollin hops so i gotta learn those hehe Any advice?

Keep a good grip on your handle. Make sure your lined up with what your gonna jump onto or over, so your in the right position to jump. Just practice it and it will come to you slowly. Make sure you really whip the tire up and out in front of you, kinda like your folding you body in half.

That will give more distance and height to your jumps.

And a rule of thumb is to jump as far back as your object is high.

If your jumping on a 2 foot high ledge, youll want to take off 2 feet away from it.