Uni in the news

Sugra tries out his new unicycle while Graham Harrington, left, and Mayor Garry Moore admire the juggler’s skills.

On a wet and cold day the Mayor, Garry Moore, presented a unicycle to local identity and juggler, Sugra, to replace his previous unicycle that was vandalised.
The unicycle was damaged while the juggler was visiting Westport. Sugra approached the Mayor at one of his regular noon Chats in Cathedral Square to ask for assistance with a replacement unicycle.
Recognising Sugra’s unpaid community work in entertaining children, tourists and the public, the Mayor made an arrangement for funding from the Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise. The club arranged for a specially modified unicycle to be made for Sugra by Keith Guthrie of Cycle Trading Co., Manchester Street.
With the president of the Rotary club, Graham Harrington, the Mayor handed over the unicycle to Sugra on a wet and cold Friday in Cathedral Square to put the entertainer back in business.

Found at: www.christchurchmayor.org.nz/Gallery/

i wonder how it was “specially modified”??

hey muddycycle,if you ever come to Salem lets ride.not today though cause its gonna be 103 degree’s:(

Hey Jagur,

Got an email from my mother today who is in Portland for a conference. She’s from Oklahoma and says she went to Portland expecting to experience cool for a change. She says she’s ready to go back to the arctic freeze of OK City now.

Good thing UNICON was held in July!


well, for one thing, i see some colored decorations in the spokes, thats a pretty sweet mod…

if thats all it is then i’d have to say they exagerated.


yep its hot.to hot to ride for me.i can see cobwebs on my uni.soon it will be raining for 8 months though.

Cool…and it takes someone from Oregon to pick out a Unicycle Newstory in NZ. Good on yer mate!

Wonder what’s happening weather-wise in Seattle right now? Just two weeks ago, it was beautiful, especially when we got stuck on the ski-lift and swung in the 50 degree breeze for 20 minutes. I loved it especially since I just happened to be wearing my winter shorts at the time, but my wife thought it was a bit chilly.

Bruce Gilbertson
(actually Edwards but I hope to fool the lottery next NAUCC and win a unicycle)

I read that article early in the week while searching for something.

RE: Uni in the news

> hey muddycycle,if you ever come to Salem lets ride.not today though
> cause its gonna be 103 degree’s:(

We’ve got 105 today. But it’s a dry heat! :smiley:


Nice and sunny. About 85F (30C) at 5:30 PM.