Uni in, Tandem in ! - DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM


Indeed, the unicycles have to compete against any other products on two or more wheels, like tandem for example.

What I am advocating in order to increase the people’s interest in unicycles is to develop new CONVERTIBLE PRODUCTS with a compact drive system applied to a single wheel.

So, a single wheel = unicycle, two wheels = bicycles = recumbent = tandem, three wheels = tricycles/ front wheel drive.

The big problems with multiple wheels products: the frame stress and steering, the best is to have each rider’s weight pushing mostly on the wheel’s hubs, not the frame.

Yes, a drive system: fast, modular, compact, low Q factor, independent, easy to maintain, retrofitable/ in minutes, direct drive/ freewheel on-off, simple, efficient is required.

That is exactly what DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM was designed for, allowing single wheels/ unicycles to become with a minimum of additions/ connecting them/ recumbent/ tricycle/ BMX, chairs/ tandem= mutiwheels= 5-6 wheels or more/ ideal cycloball=radball bicycles=2 X unicycles, special cycles/ hpv’s with any wheel size, 6-8-10… 60-70++ centimetres, etc.

In other words, MULTIFUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS, the only way/ my opinion to increase the interest in unicycles as well is to make PARASITE UNICYCLES, attaching them to almost any hpv’s.

Did you noticed that the most successful “entities” are not the visionaries/ creators/ composers/ writers/ hard working/ onest/ fair play ones, but the parasites/ corupt governments/ financial institutions/ lobby groups/ sucking the energy/ life from the first categories.

Unicycling as mental/ phisical activities can not be isolated from the people’s aspirations/ moods, they get bored if not electro-chemically excited/ brainwashed, as in IM15NOBRAINER, in a single word; if they can change to other movements when they want, the better.

Multifunctionability/ chameleonic abilities are a survival kit.

Thank you, Ioan “Dakoroman” OASA, Sydney.

I am very interested, contact me via the private messaging HUMADORRR.



Why hasn’t this guy been banned yet?

could you please just go away until you have a physical product to show us? I don’t know of anybody who reads the forums regularly that has the manufacturing capabilities you say you need, so your posting is just a waste of space.

EDIT: just realized something, hazmat regularly posts of his modded 40" coker, but never posts pictures, just like this guy talks of his gearing system but has yet to show any images showing how it works; and they’re both from australia.

Uni In , Tandem In !- Dakoroman Drive System

Thanks BOYS, you are correct about not displaying DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM yet, just a moment…

However, you miss the other points, there are a few novelties in my initial post, about the future of unicycling as mass products/ movement/ expanding sport.

I came with a perspective/ based on one of my drive systems, how comes that you don’t comment anything about this ? Cause - effect scenario.

Current manufacturers should be aware about people abandoning unicycling/ for whathever reasons.

One of them is at the beginning, when a new rider will try to mount the unicycle, it is very dificult, it should be in an instant, like a bicycle.

So, a new approach is needed and YES, I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR THIS.

When someone claims something “strange”, it should not be seen as an insult to Unicyclists, but an invitation to a constructive arguments/ dealing with ideas, not going for the jugular.

Thanks again BOYS, as in IM15’’/ as in inches.

Ioan “Dakoroman” OASA, Sydney.


The reason nobody is commenting on your perspective or your vision is that you haven’t given anybody anthing to go on.

If you give people just a little more to chew on, imaginations go wild.

Here, you propose that you have the solution to the holy grail of unicycling and other HPV, yet you have no demonstration model, no mockup, and you don’t even give a high level overview of what your proposed product is/does.

Mind you, a few people have been less than kind to you, and that’s too bad, but you have to understand, using lofty words while providing nothing of substance leads people to assume that you’re selling snake oil.

I appreciate your creative writing style and your crafty replies to people’s reactions to you, but why not give a us a little more substance and a little less flair?

I think Someones been testing the Electric Kool-Aid.

Well said! Just … all completely true. What I’d have said if I could think of such a good way of putting it.

Dakoroman got way too much nastiness from too many people, too early on. Still, people are always going to be suspicious of impressive claims when there isn’t a technical description, photo, or design. Why not throw a little more detail into the discussion? Or if you can’t reveal these due to e.g. patent concerns, why not explain that?

Australians. Yeah, they’re a funny lot.

yeah, i just installed a crocodile pit in my trials course…but i can’t post photos because i dont have a camera…


I know patent issues can be sticky, and innovators want to protect their IP at all costs… so…

…how about a simple blueprint or sketch to show us you’ve done anything more than just talk about your invention? You can blur or omit critical details if it makes you comfortable.

Otherwise, I’m still of the opinion that we’re being trolled.

Coming from a non-native English speaker, the terms “sucking the life” and “going for the jugular” are quite unusual.

Your troll-fu is getting weaker.

Do you think he’s a troll, or are you open to/accepting of/willing to consider/seeing/etc. that he’s a true visionary/prophetic/prognosticative thinker whose visions/prophesies/prognostications/etc on the future of unicycling/bicycling/tandems/BMX/chairs/tricycles/the universe are too big/deep/rich/complex/expansive for the English language as we commonly know it/have learned it/have heard it on Monty Python to contain?

I personally would like to commit to dakoroman/Ioan/Than Uni/Einstein a large advance payment/deposit/gift/infusion of cash/gold/bonds/etc to help him get his nascent/fledgling/upstart but unquestionably extant/real/living/breathing enterprise off the ground so he can begin changing all unenlightened/ignorant/misinformed/unaware/etc perceptions both globally and around the world.

Another thing, why concentrate on the unicycle market? You won’t get rich by selling unicycle parts. Instead you should talk to bike part manufacturers and then later adapt this design for unicycles.

Thanks, MAESTRO8,

I am a proud human being/ like most of the Unicyclist members.

From the bottom of my heart I want to show my creations/ hpv’s, not to make waves/ prove any ego-point, just to improve hpv’s/ based on DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM in this case.

WE, THE PEOPLE, THE MASTERS OF OUR OWN NATIONS/ sorry, this concept is already obsolete, just look at the World Markets meltdown, deserve more.

I wrote before that mental/ phisical activities/ creations/ products should have the main purpose of enhancing our lives.

The Australian Patent System is such that I can apply for Provisional Patent Applications/ I’ve done that, start manufacturing and even selling products based on my inventions, provded that I will transform the Applications in full patents/ in due time/ 12 months/ application date is retrospective.

Any contact at this moment, disclosing the informations must be done by signing a NDA.

I wanted/ proposed to show my creations to some Unicyclist members/ companies/ see my previous posts, unfortunatelly, most of them didn’t even replied out of courtesy, even that I asked them nothing, no obligations/ no funds/ nothing, just to see/ study the projects.

Again/ by reading my posts, the consistency of my claims is there, I do not agree with those that I wrote nothing about what DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM can do/ applications, read again please/ except the "secret/ the main concept/ key stone.

Even small sketches/ drawings are enough to understand everything, worse, that will be considered disclosure in Public Domain/ no future patents.

My only option is to do the right things/ pushing ahead/ from Australia or anywhere/ alone or with people/ companies.

Sorry, MAESTRO8, one day I will be able to fix/ prove all my claims and bring to the Unicyclists/ via DAKOROMAN PRODUCTS joy/ I do not believe in “the pursuit of happiness” or other artificially created dreams.

So, at the moment, WE’RE BEING TROLLED/ myself included.

Ioan “Dakoroman” OASA, Sydney.


zfreak220, I want to go ahead with anyone, actually I’ve contacted bicycle manufacturers/ components already.

DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM is a MODULAR/ UNIT FOR A SINGLE WHEEL, so starting with fast unicycles or any other hpv’s is irelevant.

Ioan “Dakoroman” OASA, Sydney.

Hey Ioan

Just a question, did you write your letters to the various companies yourself or did you get someone else to write them for you. I have a hard time reading what you write sometimes and id I got a letter with similar syntax in a business situation I would throw it away without a second thought.

I guess what I am saying is that your writing style is really not acceptable in the business community if you want to be taken seriously.

I am all for seeing new innovations and advancing human powered vehicles of all sorts but I don’t think that this is the proper way of going about doing it.



One of them is at the beginning, when a new rider will try to mount the unicycle, it is very dificult, it should be in an instant, like a bicycle.

So, a new approach is needed and YES, I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR THIS.

I totally disagree with this!! You need a learning curve to make it fun, if it was easy and everyone could do it, it would ruin it. There are some sports eg kitesurfing, hang gliding, unicycling, etc. that should not be done by the masses. Plus, I am pretty skeptical that you “have a solution”.

Well, several separate threads have been started/created/replicated/used/abused, and many replies have been posted/boasted/deconstructed/busted, but Tom’s is the funniest/creativist/laughingmyassoffinsaneliest/bestest one so far!
Gilby, can we have a whole separate forum for this?


Darkotoman I am just agog! the eloquence! WOW! I think Saskatchenwanian has the right of it. I have no idea what your taling about. Are you by chance using a fuzz phraze generator?? I think you might be talking about a multi wheel unicycle not a bicycle but a uni with seat post with perhaps two or more wheels below it? Or a shiftable multi geared transmission for a unicycle? If your selling you need to let people know what your selling.