Uni ID

is this one of those cheap ebay things?
may look at it if its close and can talk him down a bit,still gotta learn tho and I already have a 20" and a CX24,dont want to get ahead of myself,but wondering if its worth $60-65?
Or just wait til I learn and get a Torker 26" or some type of name brand 29"r?

Opinions greatly appreciated.:slight_smile:

Hard to tell the brand, but it looks reasonably well made. Has a quick-release seat post clamp and regular bearings and bearing caps, not the cheaper “donut” style found on some of the cheaper unis.
The 28" size is kind of a limitation. Not too many choices if you want to change tires.
But it’s probably worth $80. (Of course, market forces are what really matter. How much demand is there for a low-cost, odd-size unicycle in your area?)

Sun makes a 28" unicycle that looks about like that. It’s only around $110 for a new one. I think it’s the cheapest large wheel you can get. Like the other Sun unicycles, it probably works fine if you don’t jump off of things with it.

Here’s one on amazon (with the wrong picture):

yeah its a sun,decals look the same.
anyone own a SUN?

i own a sun, it has seen tons of people the seat is pure ducktape and its on its 4th set of pedals but besides that its sweet for a lerner

They seemed better than the no-name uni’s,they have a couple MUNIs too.

Dont touch Thoes minis they are not strong

Thanks I will.
Once I can ride pretty well and freemount I want to move up,just doesnt seem like theres any affordable 29"rs out there(that I can find)

I’ll probably end up w/ an LX26 for my main once I learn and keep my eyes open for a decent 29"r.I’d love a 36" but thats a ways off and depends if I stick w/ it.
Thanks again
Ride On!:slight_smile:

Unicycle.com has a trainer 29er for 155$ that I know someone on here was cruising around on and liking it. Might be worth a look…