(uni) hockey sticks, right or left?

So us silly Northern Californians have been dabbling with uni-hockey, and we’ve had some discussion about what makes a stick right-handed vs. left-handed. From what I read here, it sounds like the general rule is that a right handed stick is a left shooting stick and vice versa, although it really is a preference thing and right handed people can choose to use a right shooting stick too. Am I reading that right?

So, if I were to buy a right handed stick off of the Internet, I should expect the blade to be curved for shooting from the left, right?

I’ve found that I have to switch the stick to the other side a lot anyway.
Think about using a goalie stick. The surface area is larger and the blade
is flat (so it can be used either way comfortably).


i found from never playing uni hockey, that the best thing to do is to get a hockey stick, and jam it in someones spokes :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Correct, you do end up hitting from both sides, but suppose I wanted a stick that has a blade shaped to favor shooting from the left. What would that be called–left handed or right handed? Or, is there no standard nomenclature? Where are the Canadians?! :wink:

I’ve found, from personal experience yesterday, that even better is to not get it stuck in front of your own wheel!! :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys are slowly taking over the NHL and you don’t even know how to hold a stick!?!

A right handed stick shoots from the right, If you look down the shaft the blade will be curved to the left.

So then, does a right handed person usually use a right handed stick? I guess I’m confused because that NHL page I read seems to say that right handed people should use left handed sticks, more often than not.

Thanks for the quote, BTW. :wink:

The way I see it, as you hold the stick, if the blade touches the ice out on toward your right side, it’s a right-handed stick. Makes no difference if you yourself are right or left handed. My brother is a good example of this, he and I are both right-handed with a pen or holding a glass, but he’s a lefty with a hockey stick or a baseball bat. Your handedness for writing and other non-sporting skills does not determine which stick you’ll use in hockey.

right handed stick should be held on the right side of your body and the blade will curve to the left as it goes away from you. that means your left hand will be at the top of your stick and your right hand will be mid way on the shaft, leaving the blade of the stick on the ground

ChangingLINKS.com- you are such a newb when it comes to hockey. good attempt though