Uni Hockey Goalie?

I played uni hockey only once, and don’t think I ever made it close to the net.

I don’t remember what the Goalie does.

Is the goalie un-mounted?

I will be starting up hockey this winter, but we only have half a gym (the full area of a half sized gym)

Should we just call the goalie a smaller net, more of a target than a net?

acc to the rules, any player can be goalie and the goalie does not get any special rights ref handling the ball
having the guy on the 24" idling sideways in front of the goal is about the best u can do

Thank you sir.

You have just initiated your own demise.

I sense a London (Ontario) - South Africa competition brewing…uhhhhh in Ontario!


Let’s be easy on poor Gild. I think you need to meet somewhere in between so he doesn’t have to travel as far. You know, share the travel costs. Pennsylvania might be a good location. :smiley:

Would I need to be the referee?


How about the waterboy?

OUCH! :stuck_out_tongue:

as long as there’s a “return leg” to this competition, i’m there

i know this is a potentially troublemaking statement so let me make it clear that this is simply my opinion, albeit it one i hold very dear

unihoki has got to be the funnest thing u can do on a unicycle
(your unsubstantiated [videos, please] level 11 claims notwithstanding)

this site out
it might link u to a rink in your area
linking up with the ‘inline’ people is a pretty kewl idea
we’ve just been invited to play a demonstration game at the South African Championships
it’s very short notice so i doubt if we’ll be able to get it together (shaun, u keen to drive to Witbank?), but i told the guy that we’d definately like to organise it for next year