Uni height

i was wondering what the best uni height was with for trials. i am just bout 6" i think and i have a qu-ax trials uni. i have already cut 2" from seatpost and its perfect to ride but not what i need on a 20" uni. what would be the best height for hoping, drops, sif ETC?

please help

cheers in advance

If you’re 6" tall, I would say a 2 1/2" tall unicycle should be good.

There is really no perfect height. There are some people who are 6 foot who ride with the seat with almost no post. Others prefer a really high seat.

The best way to figure out the optimum seat height is to just ride and experiment. If you want a basic idea I would suggest getting on your uni SIF then crouching down as low as possible so you are almost sitting on the wheel and then put the seat at a height where you can tuck the wheel under you the most and the seat still feels comfy in your hand.

That sound like a gd idea. I just dont want to cut the seat post much that if I grow more it will be to short. Do you think this will ever be a problem?


The way I cut my post its set up so that its currently as low as it will go, I can now raise it about 6 inches if I want at any time without any trouble. So what would be a good idea is to cut off about 2 inches at most (that is if you want to cut it at all) then play with it, if at its lowest point (hovering above the tire) it still feels too high then cut another inch off, and keep on doing that until it feels right.

My post right now is usualy so close to the tire that if it goes out of true its likely to hit the post (actualy happened too when I bent the rim).

Cheers so if i cut it as low as the frame I can still raise it more if i get taller. Ive cut 2" of already so when i have time i can cut more of like 2" at a time till i find the perfect height?

Its just because my dad dosnt want to cut it for me and i get taller and it and i get to tall for it. i tryed to explain this would’nt be a problem but he stupid(In a nice way lol) Ill have another go at him to see if he will:D

I would go in incriments of 1 inch, I actualy went even less when I was cutting my coker tube. As long as you are careful and try it everytime you cut it though you should be fine.

Also when you cut it don’t forget to take a rounded file and debur the inner and outer edges of the cut, you can get some really nasty cuts from those edges if you don’t do something about them.

okies cheers thanks for your help:D

yeah, just keep trying until you find the right height for you, it took me about 2 days to find the perfect height. It is kind of the same thing with tire pressure.

How tall is the seat supposed to be on my torker DX if I wear 34 long pants? Is it supposed to be when my legs ben only slightly at the bottom of the pedal stroke? Or is it like a B*ke where it sould be exactly at crotch level when upright?

Your leg should just be bent a little when the pedal is at the bottom of the rotation.

Oh, I guess it’s a little short then.

It depend on riding style. For freestyle you want it until your leg is almost strait at the bottom of the revolution. For trials it depends. Some people do mostly seat in and they like it low so they can tuck seat in. Soem people do more SIF trials and they normaly like it higher because they dont have to bend over as much to grip the seat. Then there is Zack Baldwin style who has his seat so incredibly high that he can barely even stay on it seat in because it is so high. In general, street riders like their seat very low. For muni, it is probably going to vary the most, but alot of people like it lower because they feel that they have more control.