Uni Handball

Has anyone ever played it?
It seems like it would be a good uni game as there is no tackling or special skills required and it’s great fun without being too challenging.

Maybe some club somewhere would be willing to try it out and post the results here if they like.

Typically, sports which require fast reactions to balls hit by opponents don’t work well on unicycles. It’s just too easy to hit it where your opponent can’t get to it. (Tennis, ping pong, volleyball fall into this category).

Hitting the ball is certainly possible, and if you wanted to cooperate on keeping it alive you might have some fun.

I think Jacob refers to Handball as the popular European sport, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Team_handball . Definitely more playable than what seems to be American Handball http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_handball .

Oh, right, that sport. Sure, that’d work, except goalkeeping would be really difficult. You might want to use a hockey-sized goal.

Here is some old video of first Polish unicycle club playing handball:

I though there was only one kind of handball. TBH though, American handball looks more like ‘hand squash’ than anything else.

With unicycling you can learn something new every day, didn’t knew about that american hand squash too.

I’m far from playing any games while unicycling, i did try to juggle once but idling would be very usefull for that so i have to learn that first.



We play a fun game that we call uni ball. To score a point a team mate must catch the ball at the end of the court in a small area. The pass must come from outside the small area. If an opponent tags you while you have the ball, they get possession of the ball. The other team has a scoring box at the opposite end of the court. We usually play to 10 points per game. Here is a clip of some playing:

That looks like fun and somewhat safer than uni football :astonished: