Uni goals for the season?

For the upcomming spring and summer, I want to get some trails under me each weekend when possible along with the needed Hop and drop skills.
I want to learn to Idle and ride with only one foot.
I will try to start learning how to ride backwards.

What are your Goals for the season (or year) comming?

Those are some excellent goals there Tom! One goal is to start riding through technical terrain faster and much more aggressively, which will also look more exciting on film. Other goals are to learn some basic flatland skills; crank flips, rolls and so on. My kh trials is just collecting dust so I really need to start using it as well as MUni. Also I want to get into rail grinds, even though it’s scary to me…I don’t fancy another tail bone injury, or worse! :astonished: :o

I want to encrease my fitness. Ride more aggressive for muni and compete in this race: http://www.karapoti.co.nz/

Well it’s going to be winter in this part of the world, but i’m going to try learn 720s and land lots of better roll combos :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe 360s on the wheel but i doubt it xD

100cm sif sidehop

Good luck with that race! Lots of prep and training in your future :astonished:

I need to get back to riding 4-5 times a week, still need to get my leg strength back from achilles surgery plus I want to ride my age next month for my B-day

I’ll try to reach ‘level 6’ freestyle by May, when I’m getting a Nimbus X freestyle unicycle (maybe. I still need to do more research on it). I’ll also take up Muni this summer (maybe I’ll do a lot of that in college). That makes two new unicycles!:smiley: and $600 less dollars:(

Sweet! Maybe we can take on 32 and do a combo age ride on the 13th :slight_smile:


Sweet! Maybe we can tack on 32 and do a combo age ride on the 13th :slight_smile:


Improve my sidehop, standstills, skinny riding, rolling hops pretty much improve my trials. :slight_smile:

Ha, good topic… I want to learn idling, riding backwards and rolling hop.
And to finish at least one MTB race (this year in mini distance of around 30km).
And to commute on uni at least once a week.

get into distance riding and make friends with cars to drive me to the mountains outside of seattle and start muni for real

I want to ride a local mountain (tarmac) with 12km at a 10-12% grade without too many stops and another more cross country style climb of 10km at about the same grade (but 1km at a 25% grade - I don’t think I will make that). And I want to ride my favourite downhill trail without having to stop because of my fitness level :sunglasses:

This season I will learn to glide!

uni goals

I will complete a 100 mile ride to raise money for my brothers paralysis in May (it will be just north of Atlanta, working on organizing it now)

Want to learn coasting, gliding, and rail grinds. Also, bigger stair sets; learning to jump them instead of just ride down them (unless I’m on the giraffe).

Also, to encourage more people to get into our sport when they show interest. So many people start out saying,“I could never do that…”, I try to convince them they can with some effort.

Good luck to everyone here, to complete their goals with no broken bones!

deffinatly want to be able to ride at least 30 miles in one go! want to be able to conker hills, (both up and down) and would love to be able to do some more off road stuff.

Also want to learn to idle once and for all, would be nice to learn to idle on my KH29!

I want to crack 30km in an hour. That would be fun.


Muni: I want to learn to jump (after all those years!)
Coker: I want to succeed 50% of my free-mounts (after all those years! :frowning: -still desesperatly missing free-mounts !!!-)
Coker: ride my age (that will be hard ! :slight_smile: )

all: climb my own personal Everest (a long climb near home: I am presently 200 meters short of this goal)

I want to learn to ride my 26" as a GUni (once I get it that is).
I want to learn to hop up a curb. That may sound pathetic but I just can’t do it.
I want to ride my age in miles.
I also want to ride to the top of Sonora Pass.