Uni Goals for 2011!

That’s a bummer. But don’t confuse injuries with a single activity, you’ll miss out on a lot. Trials is a concentrated form of moves that can lead to injuries. I say give MUni a chance, but do it more on the ground. :slight_smile:

My one broken bone was from road riding; zero broken bones from MUni.

Oh, and I’d like to add an item to my list, borrowed from MuniOrBust:

  • Learn to use my Schlumpf like it’s second nature
  • Ride 3+ days/week
  • Ride more offroad
  • Learn to glide or coast (or make progress in that direction)
  • Go to some unicycling events
  • Find opportunities to ride with others

I would think that extreme trials and street would be far more injury-prone than muni. Muni at least has natural forms to fall on, where trials and streets is poles and square edges, and many of the obstacles are concrete.

  1. develop more strength in my knees (I’m pretty new to riding uni, and it’s killing my knees)

  2. Ride my age

  3. ride once a week with the local bike club (as far as I know, I’m the only uni rider in my area)

  4. save to upgrade from my 29 to a 36

  5. teach 1 person how to ride

Wow several dudes list a lot of ambitions! I just want to be the oldest guy to ride a century in one day. However I still dont know who is the oldest guy to ride a century in one day!

Intended to attempt it last summer but fractured pelvis on silly dismount - so only managed fit in a ride-your-age of 62miles after healing. Now out to do 100 this summer. It would be nice to know who is the oldest person to ride the century so far.

I think it’s me…so far, at least the oldest on the list in the who’s completed a century thread. But when you do yours–and I know you will–you will have that honor, and an age record that will be hard to beat!:smiley:

Just to keep riding and have fun. That’s all I want.


Great thread!
Mine include:


  • Get my other son riding.
  • Get my other other son riding.
  • Commute more.
  • Ride up the monster muni hill trail I can see from my house.
  • Improve my hopping - both for muni, and to get so I can go up curbs on the Coker.
  • Finish learning to ride backwards and idle, then do it on my 29er, then maybe the 36er.
  • Assimilate more riders, maybe start a local club.
  • Ride the strip in Las Vegas.
  • Compete in a local hill climb and beat the prior unicycle time record (yes, there is one!).[/LIST]
  • My goals:
    Not to sprain my ankle again…opps too late :angry:
    Ride more road riding,
    Go to Canada and meet up with other unicyclist ride some Muni there and
    commute over the bridge with everyone,
    commute at least once to my workplace,
    ride LBI Unithon,
    attend other unicycle events like the NYC Unicycle Fest,
    maybe Five Boro Bike Tour,
    go to more New York Unicycle club meetings,
    and overall just improve my general riding skills
    use my 36er much more this year

    My unicycle goals for 2011
    180 backflip
    360 Hoptwist
    Rolling wrap-backroll
    Outside roll
    Side Jump
    180 lateflip
    3spin on wheel
    Backroll flip
    Blind 3spin
    Heal faster
    Do a creative trick

    Ride around the house 10x. :smiley:

    Another goal is to organize at least one MUni and one 36er event this year in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. For MUni a good place for a group ride could be Simi Valley’s “Hummingbird” or “Chumash”, or Cheeseboro in Agoura Hills, and the 36er ride could be along the beach bike paths. It would be great to get at least 10 riders for each event.

    Normally I don’t like to put my goals out there too far ahead, but I will this time. I’ve heard people claim that stating your goals makes you more likely to accomplish them because people hold you accountable, and others say you’re less likely to accomplish them because the satisfaction of stating them reduces motivation. Whatever.

    I only have one: make an attempt at the 24-hour distance record. Either this fall, or in 2012.

    1.side flip
    3.tripple flip
    4.hick double
    5.and realy realy realy realy maybe 7’spin but I think i not land that one…

    -Cycle 10 miles (of road)
    -Cycle down Bird Rock (Wales)
    -180 uni Spin
    Not many but I’m still learning :wink:

    -grind more ledges.
    -find a good muni spot
    -increase long jump
    -increase high jump to 80cm
    -make a video
    -540 hoptwist
    -be riding at least 1 hour a day by summer

    What is the current record, and who holds it?

    I believe it is currently held by Sam Wakeling, at 454km (282mi). http://redwelly.co.uk/?page_id=4

    That record was set in Sept 2007; has stood long enough!

    Thanks for reminding me of this amazing accomplishment! It appears that all of the miles of riding were done on a 1/4 mile track. That would be 1,128 times around! No hills to climb but man, you would think that it would get so insanely monotonous! But records are meant to be broken, so I wish you all the luck! The only thing I’m not sure of is if he did it on an ungeared 36er; it appears so, from what I can see in the pics and video. :slight_smile:

    I have 2 goals this year. Rack up some miles on the coker. Ride Muni more often.