Uni Goals for 2011!

What are yours?

A few of mine are:


  • Do another century and beat my last time.
  • Climb Fargo Hill again without a dismount and as little "zig-zagging" as possible.
  • Learn at least 5 flatland tricks, like rolling wraps, flips and spins.
  • Attend more uni events, like the AZ MUni weekend, and meet more great people who love uni!
  • Find new and awesome places to ride MUni, like Whistler.
  • Continue promoting our sport as much as possible [/LIST]
    1. Ride at least once a week.
    2. Compete Solo in the Dirt,Sweat & Gears 12 Hour in May.
    3. Knock off another 14er descent this summer.
    4. Continue preparing and taking steps toward my ultimate MUni Epic Dream Goal…

    I started unicycle about 3 months ago and I am hooked!

    1.My goal is getting better every time I go on unicycle!
    2. NO STICKS or hold on wall!
    3. buy 26 inch mountain unicyle for dirt paths!
    4. Able to ride on dirt path in the forest this Spring!
    5. Able to go backward!
    6. meet new unicycle friends around Chicago!

    mine is to become a good enough trials rider to play back it up trials expert, i like to set my goals high. :stuck_out_tongue:

    This is my list, I might have things to add in this list during the year, but right now it’s what I can think about!

    -120cm sidehop
    -360 on a 6 set
    -180 on a 9 set(?)
    -Do 500 hours of unicycling
    -FullOutFlip (I dont really like flatland, but this trick is awesome)
    -SideJump (or sidespin, just a side???)
    -Double Flip
    -360 unispin on wheel
    -Explore more to find more Trials spots!


  • My first Century (June 5; join me!)
  • Sufficient training to make #1 fun
  • Not missing two NAUCCs in a row (might be hard due to other trips scheduled and lack of vacation time) [/LIST]
    1. Condition knees for constant riding
    2. Ride once a day, when knee recovers
    3. Get a Muni, improve
    4. Try to get in contact with local riders
    5. Get all forms of wheel walking down

    my goals include mostly tricks :slight_smile:
    -5spin (close)
    -hickflip (even closer)
    -varial roll

    and other flatland combos :smiley:

    My only goal/s is too not get angry when I practice and quit half way through because I don’t progress anywhere.

    1)Ride every day.
    2)Consistent crankflips
    3)Get a job so I can buy a 36er. I want one so so so much!
    4)Work on breaking 40km/h on said 36er
    5)Actually learn some trials :stuck_out_tongue:
    6)Hm and flair up my style somehow. Clean my tricks up, go bigger etc.

    5 paletts high, tire :astonished:
    100m railing with 19" / 26" / 36" :sunglasses:
    running down till hell as much downhills as possible:D

    I must compare with last year goals :angry:

    • ride up my own everest : done but still a bad climber
    • learn to jump: not yet :frowning: (though I progress)
    • ride my age (nowhere near! I just can’t find time to train and ride …)

    So hope I will land a part time job so I can:

    • attend some Muni events (CroMut? Elsbet? Spain?)
    • train to ride my age (not sure I want to meet that goal …)
    • train to learn to jump (most important goal : Muni without jump is like a pancake without whipped cream :p)

    My goals for 2011…

    1260 Unispin
    1080 sidespin
    Blind sejsideflip
    Treyquad and treysidequad
    a whip of some sort… idk if i want to do it forward or backward
    I’d like to get better at lateflipping in general.
    Aaaand try to become more and more creative with flatlanding, apart from the fliptricks and big spins :stuck_out_tongue:

    • Continue to increase my stamina.
    • Climb steeper hills.
    • Rolling hops
    • Ride and hop SIF
    • Learn to use my Schlumpf like it’s second nature
    • Race muni a few times (probably in MTB races)
    1. Continue to ride 6 days a week.
    2. Increase my distance into the 30 mile range so that I can participate in some local bike events.
    3. Try muni.
    4. Get better at hopping so that I can learn some trials.
    5. Try to get some of my friends interested in unicycling.
    1. Learn more unicycling vocabulary words.

    Eli, impressive goals!

    1. Don’t ride muni.
    2. Sell the muni (anyone want a muni?!)
    3. 120cm sidehop… unlikely
    4. pedalgrab-ride high rails
    5. 100cm static
    6. Go to EUC summer.
    7. heal faster. hahaha


    I break stuff. haha
    I broke my leg trying to ride muni, that was 4 months in a cast, another 3-4 til i was riding again.
    Im now in cast with a foot broken in four places, from muni, which is another month or two without riding, basically i dont think it’s worth the injuries. :stuck_out_tongue:

    Impressive if I accomplish them, maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

    Aaaand I’d like to add your last goal to my list too hahaha

    Wow sorry to hear about your injuries. Were you wearing protective gear? how did you break your led and your foot? Was it doing a drop and if so, do your foot or both feet slip off the pedals? breaking both your foot and you leg seems extremely unusual for any kind of uni riding and hopefully it was just a freak thing. What kind of terrain were you riding on when it happened?