Uni-Geezer "Teaser" No.1:"How to pick up chicks"

I’m introducing a new Uni Geezer segment I’m calling “Uni-Geezer’s Teasers”. They’re basically a single, short comedy bit shot on the spur of the moment.

This is the first one entitled, “How to pick up chicks”, and was inspired by a recent thread called: “[THREAD=43951][/THREAD]is the uni a chick magnet”. Haha! It’s all in fun…Enjoy! :sunglasses:

shakes head in admration once again man youve outdone your self, and in 30 sec
amazingly funny

lol thats quite funny, nice one.

i’m guessing you knew the women allready right?

Haha, NO! I just asked her if she would say those lines and she agreed! :sunglasses: Too bad she was actually married!:frowning: I thought she was really beautiful!

She was hot.
Dang, that was sweet.
Did she know about that part “a little while later”?

Uh…no :roll_eyes:

Wait until her husband sees this on YouTube! Watch out! :astonished:

yeha you might get some hate comments on youtube for this one if they find out about the part later.

Haha! Very funny. Good to see our resident Muniaddict is also a sex addict! I would have liked to see you carry her over the threshold on the uni though. Or you can save it for How to pick up chicks, lesson 2.

It may be “suggestive”, but not implicit. It was all in good fun but maybe I should remove it?:o

no way man! screw her hushband ur so much cooler, you ride a unicycle!!


Glad to see that you were wearing protection coming out of the Motel room.

Haha good one! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha good one! You never know when your “fusion cover” will come in handy!:stuck_out_tongue:

Helmets are important, but did she get to keep the leg armor (or was it leg amour)?

ya but ur a prep…

hey whyd you remove it?

it says its been removed by the user?

I just thought about it, and although it was purely innocent and all in fun, I decided that I should remove it since the lady didn’t really know how it would be edited; and neither did I until later!:o