Uni Geezer: "Hello Again!!!"


Hello again all!

After taking some time off to attend to some pressing family matters, I’m so happy to be back on the forums! To quote a passage from a Beatles song; “My life has changed in oh so many ways…”

Even though I’ve only been away for a short while, I’ve continued riding because it’s become such a part of my life, if I stopped I wouldn’t be the same. I can only say in the almost 2 years since I’ve started riding, and becoming a member of this great community, I’ve had the best times of my life!:slight_smile:

I’ve been lucky enough to attend events at Moab, CMW, and 2 Uni Roundups. Plus literally hundreds of other MUni adventures from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and making almost 100 videos!

It’s ALL because I discovered this fantastic community of great people who have welcomed me warmly and helped and advised me along the way. I thank you all sincerely!:smiley:

So, this video then, is a sort of “retrospective” highlighting my first 22 months back at unicycling, starting at age 50, with what I felt are my best moments, (for an old fart anyway!:D) which also includes a “best” (or worst) UPD segment, then wraps up with some of my favorite fun moments.

I had to sift through nearly EIGHTY videos totalling almost TEN hours, and so the sorting out and editing–to just minutes-- took many hours. I can’t hold a candle to you younger riders, but for an old geezer, I’m trying to give it my best shot! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you enjoy, and so I dedicate this video to my family and everybody here at unicyclist.com!

I’ve only Just begun!:smiley:

Linky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVX-XBYgmRU

Hahah nice Terry.

Your a great rider, and I’m happy your back to the community.:smiley:


Awesome! I hope everything has worked itself out or is doing so for you. Your videos are by far my favorite to watch out of any I have seen. This was a really great one I must say! It did make me a smile a lot watching all the jokes, skits, and upd’s. Nice to hear from you and have another great video.

That was a really fun video. Hope you keep riding and making videos for at least a few more years to come.

That was a great video, realy enjoyed it, you have some great skills, so glad your back.

Well welcome back!

I would watch the video but I can’t because i’m at school :frowning:



Another fine video, Terry.
I really liked the coker scenes.

Terry give us more coker videos!

Thanks for all the comments and the wecome back! I’m working on a new video with some different 36er things I just learned, and other stuff.:slight_smile:

COOL! Welcome Back!


Welcome back!!!

Great video! I especially liked the fall in the water. Takes a real man to show that upd! Ha! Welcome back.

By far my favorite movie of yours. The skits made me giggle, and your ventriliquist skills are excellent.

By the way, What did that guy have to guess about Xavier Collos? Did he guess he was a Dictator?

Great movie, and some outstanding riding.

Please dont ever quit. Ride till you cant anymore.

You are an inspiration to almost everyone in this community. The people who you havn’t inspired, surely have never heard of you.

Haha i liked that last bit when you were arguing with yourself.
Welcome back.

Aloha Terry!

That video is excellent! Loads of Great Riding and Lots of Great Fun. I must have missed and old video or 2, because I hadn’t seen some of those great shots.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Keep it rolling!

you are an amazing person and anamazing unicyclist. a great aset to the community.

true true.