Uni Geezer: "Coker drop" (Almost 4 feet!)

Ok, but Danni kindof implied that fabian could hop to the top of my 46" pallet stack on a 36er. I know he didn’t mean that, but that seems to be what he implied. I’d sure love to see him attempt it…or even HALF that much on a 36er! :sunglasses:

The diameter size on the side of a bike tire is it’s approximate diameter w/ the tire. That’s how a 24X3 is almost 26" in diameter, and why a trials rim is 19" - if it had a 2 inch tire on it like most BMX tires, it would measure about 19", but w/ a 2.5 tire it is about the same diameter (I think it’s like 1/2 an inch less).

Goodbye all!

It’s been a fantastic experience being part of this great community for nearly two years now. I’ve enjoyed all the helpful posts and the friendly tips and advice that have helped me and so many others.

I’ve especially been humbled and honored by all the support, acceptance and wonderful feedback to my videos that I’ve made especially to share with the great folks of this community.

So again I say thank you to everyone, as I take my leave indefinitely from these forums. Good luck to everyone with your unicyling endevours, and I wish you all happiness and prosperity!:slight_smile:

thats amazing… i’d never seen that before

P.S. sorry for the threadjack Terry

Funny Terry :roll_eyes:

Are you really leaving?
But I like your Videos!

coughDon’t Leave!cough

Can we still expect the your you tube to be updated with new videos or are you completely leaving online unicycle related things?

i winced everytime that wheel hit the ground.
i want your coker.


you’r coker must no trust you verry much!