Uni Geezer: "Coker drop" (Almost 4 feet!)

Like the title says.

I had to do something to take my mind off missing CMW '07… I must’ve also taken my mind of remembering to put on my helmet & shin guards! :astonished: (Did I taco the rim on the big drop???)

your amazing! :sunglasses: thats got to be some kind of world record or something!:smiley: :roll_eyes:

Haha thanks. I was going to go higher but ran out of good pallets!

Haha that was awesome!

Haha nice, what do you think your neighbors think when they spot you over the fence doing that?

Well I don’t really think about it, but they probably think I’m quite insane! But then again…:wink:

Were you just like trying to brake it or something? :smiley:

aha, but if that first drop was 36", how comes when you land, the top of your wheel is above what you jumped off of :astonished:

Your gona break your pride and joy

did you subtract how high the landing board is from the height of what you jumped off of?

Look at the size of the wheel compared to the height of the pallets while I’m ON the stack; you can clearly see that the stack is about the same height as the tire. Once I drop onto the ramp I’m much closer in the foreground to the further I get from the pallets and the closer to the camera I get, the smaller they look and the bigger (by comparison) my wheel looks. But yeah the ramp takes about 3" off the measured height. Case in point: at :33 in you see my 36er right in front of the camera,l several feet in front of the pallets and it looks way taller than the stack since it’s so close to the camera. But next Time I’ll add TWO more pallets!!!:smiley:

Wheels aren’t exactly what the numbers on the tire say.

A 20" BMX wheel is NOT 20"…

I don’t have a wheel near me to measure… but if you don’t believe me… go measure your Unicycle wheel.

Well I just measured my 36er wheel, and the diameter, including the tire from outside to outside is 36". The main thing, at least for me, is that it was fun to do on a 36er, and once again something that I haven’t seen anyone else do before (like my kickup mount, etc).

And I’m also happy that in the process, the cranks, hub, rim and tire stayed intact with no visible damage. Later in the day I switched it back to distance mode and did a 14 miler with friends along the beach bike path. It performed beautifully as usual!:smiley:

That is awesome I think it is time for a wide spline hub.

yeah that would be great!

surley the rims are 20" though?

Just think, fabian mark could hop straight up that (46").

Not on a 36er! Not even close haha!:stuck_out_tongue: Btw, who is “Fabian Mark”?

Nope, go measure it.

The ID of my trials rim is around 14ish inches. The 20" uni is around 15" for the ID of its rim. The ID of my Coker rim is around 31".

So when bike and unis are saying 20", that is the diameter of the tire, seated on the rim, measure form the Outer tire surface.

“Fabian Mark” is this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYP4w8ehTyk&mode=related&search=