Uni-Geezer "Airtime" 8/26/07

This is my 70th uni video on youtube and it was all shot and edited in just one day–today 8/26/07…I’m tired now! :o About 65 miles of driving to various place to shoot. I kinda hurt my ankle on a big drop at venice Mtn, so I was having a hard time landing some of the later drops, but still had fun!:slight_smile:

So there’s 36er Muni & trialsy stuff, my biggest landed drop to date, and also a couple little comic bits, and my favorite shop ride yet! Hope ya’ll like it as it will be my last for some time I think. (I need to concentrate on training for CMW and the San Fran coker event!)

I would appreciate your comments. Thanks everybody!:smiley:

PS: The coker Cinder block stuff was SUPER hard and took a few takes as it was very unstable and the rain didn’t help!


Haha awesome. It seems like it would really suck to clip the end of a brick when you are hopping up it on the coker, could be hard to bail.
The wal mart part was cool because we could actually see your whole body, I liked when you ignored the lady saying to get off.

At the end the music credit is wrong, that wasn’t bleed it out by linkin park…

Not too sure about the spider wheel part…haha.

That looks like it would be so fun to do :smiley:

And i love the Uni-sizer

Hmm, That was the name on the mp3 I downloaded, so I don’t know. I like the song anyway whoever it is. The “Spider wheel” thing was kinda lame, but I just couldn’t resist doing a uni-version of the Simpson’s, “Spider Pig”! Besides, it took me a while to find a way to get those tire traks on the ceiling, so I figured I might as well do it lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Loved it. Awesome coker trials bit. Loved the ride through walmart. The spider wheel part made me laugh that was good.

where can i get my own uni-sizer? jk love your vids

Awesome vid :slight_smile: Fun to watch. However, you left out one important thing… where was the juggling? :open_mouth:

Nice video you can do things on a corker that i cant do on a 24 and your 3 times my age!:o
I need to go practice more. :roll_eyes:
Keep it up. I hope to see more videos.:slight_smile:

Great stuff Haha!

I hope you’re kidding

About laying off the films. I liked all your stuff, but found the 36 stuff especially unique and inspiring. There are a bunch of uni geezers out there (I’m 49 ), but you are our only movie star.
I hope you have fun and get a good response with your uni lesson idea. Maybe set up the camera and film students to catch those special moments.
I have shown some friends uni films. It is hard to catch their interest. I showed a friend a clip of Sean doing crankflip variations and Ryan hopping. I was going to show him my favorite clip of Xavier next but he said “Naw, not unless you have one of them crashing”!
I can relate. Aren’t we all like that? I won’t sit through a whole Nascar race, skating competition, or football game. But show me the highlights of all the screw ups any day. A clip of uni student “highlights”, could be a winner.
Maybe that’s why I haven’t tried any of the 36 mounts yet. I need to set up the camera first !:slight_smile:

That was a cool video.

Great Vid! They are always so fun to watch. :smiley:

Really good; loved Walmart, and the Simpsons take off.

You continue to be an inspiration to us geezers.

I think you have the wrong date on the video; should be 2007 on the credits at the end

Fantastic vid, thank you.

When I grow up I will be older
When you grow up it will be a shame:D

Please don’t stop making videos…


it’s gonna be sad with you not making videos for a while, but it will give me a chance to catch up in the coker realm, I bet you can’t go as fast as me though! :smiley: the Uni-sizer was great I left a comment about it on the video.

Haha I’m quite sure you would leave me in the dust, so I wouldn’t take that bet lol.! But yeah I love my 36er mostly because it gives me more variety than just regular Muni, and I like cruising along the bike path checking out those bikini-clad babes! :sunglasses:

I bet you’re the ladies man down at the beach, aren’t you?:stuck_out_tongue:

Kudos to you for daring, imagination and cheesiness, (that spider wheel bit)!

I actually busted out laughing at the spider wheel, mainly because one of my work-mates likes to sing that spider pig bit and we break out into spider pig whenever things get boring at work. (lame bigtime but so what)

I just have to give you a wag of my finger tsk tsk tsk, for setting such a bad example with that WalMart cokering. Corrupting our youth. :smiley:

(I’m just jealous that I don’t have the courage to try something like that). Wal Mart seems to inspire a lot of pranks and rebelliousness, so it was satisfying to see you abusing them like that. Great video!

Haha I wish! Actually though, when the ladies are with their friends they are less shy about being “friendly”! :smiley:

Thanks yeah since not everybody saw the Simpson’s movie, I figured not everyone would get the spider-wheel thing. :roll_eyes: The walmart ride was my last boo-hoo. I’ll have to find other venues and make it as different as I can, so any ideas are welcome for my next shop ride!:slight_smile:

That’s such an awsome video Uni-geezer!

especially your coker warmup, Walmart ride, and Uni sizer!

Keep up the great work!