Uni Geezer: "A Coker Canyon Christmas!"

Hi all! I decided to make this Coker Muni video (This morning) as my way of saying “Merry-MUni Christmas” everybody! While there was little traffic on the freeways, there were plenty of hikers & bikers on the trail! I had a great time riding and filming, and probably got the absolute funniest and most awesome comments ever!

This is probably the fastest turnaround from riding, to uploading the raw footage, to editing, to youtube I’ve done yet! Just hope, for the most part, you all like the results!:smiley: Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and I appreciate your comments. :):smiley: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjGS7qyYLZY

Merry Christmas to you too, eh? Although it certainly looks like you had a good time. have a happy new year as well!


great video terry. merry christmas

Thanks back at ya! Hey, you’re Tyler right? If so why’s your username Bob?

Merry Christmas to you too, Terry! Thanks for the present. :slight_smile:

Hi Terry,
Nice video. One more inspiration for me to get a 36’er. One of these days…


You must be rich to own all those unicycles.

Sweet video, loved your instant comeback to that woman. :slight_smile: lol

or an adult, with a job.
serj tankian, well played terry.


Hey awesome video, best yet. I hate watching muni, but you made it somehow interesting. I just got a nimbus 36 for Christmas, so next time you come down to the riverside or san diego area write me and we can go muning. I know a pretty sick place called hell hole canyon about an hour or so from my place.

Oh Terry, your such a flirt.
(reffering to that you too comeback)

Haha I couldn’t resist and it just was a totally natural and obvious comeback! I didn’t have to even think about it, it happened so fast! If you listen closely, you can hear her cute, “lilting” laugh right after I said “So are you”. It was priceless!:smiley: She also said Mery Christmas just before I did, but it’s hard to hear over the music. That one moment made me feel like the whole trip down there on Christmas day was entirely worth it! :slight_smile:

Terry’s got a girlfriend, Terry’s got a girlfriend. oh yeah and I forgot to say. Good video. I’ve never seen MUni on a 36.

Haha, too bad she kept running! :slight_smile: Yeah it’s a total blast riding offroad on a 36er! Fast, smooth and really stable! Just not as manueverable as a 24" MUni, but it’s just fun to change things up a bit from the ordinary!

Have you seen my other Coker Muni and trials vids? here’s another: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfOlDP49mdc

wow…thats absolutely awesome…so fun to watch!

That was great! Your vids are so entertaining!
Really good riding too. Keep it up!

Merry christmas!

good video and music terry (aka muniaddict, aka babe magnet :stuck_out_tongue: )

I liked it.

Although I offen imagine how annoying it must be to keep filming little bits from the ground of you Muniing. Ie stopping, setting up the camera, getting speed up, going far enough to stop, riding back… does it distract you at all from enjoying the ride?

Haha, very astute of you to realize that! Although there was a lot of stopping, setting up and stuff, (and my mini tripod broke, so setting up shots took a little more creativity, like balancing my camera on tree branches, and hoping it wouldn’t crash to the ground!) I did go down there with the express purpose of filming, but I still had a great time riding. :slight_smile:

But if I’m riding with another person or a group, then I don’t take nearly as much time filming, if at all, since I don’t want to hold things up too much. So if I’m going to be filming-and I like to take my time,- then I prefer to go alone so I don’t impose on anybody else.

Haha I wish…(the last part!) Yeah I got the song idea from Munifreaker.:slight_smile: