Uni Friends!

Here is my friend and me newest vid:http://vimeo.com/4811504

We were to lazy to change place filming LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy and comment please :stuck_out_tongue:


very Cool vid :wink:

i thought the first part was boring and unifriends is really similar to flatfriends :roll_eyes:
your not really better then in your last videos. wait a month or two and then make a vid of the best things in that time but not every week :roll_eyes:

I totally agree, i been bored after the first 40 sec because you almost do the same trick in every clip, and film in the same locations…

OK, we think about that next time and thanks for comment. :wink:

but the second part was cool :d

Second part?

Thanks for helping, but my computer can`t really handle my camera so i cant put so much effects on and I think over that with take just the best tricks :smiley:

I think over this in my new vid next time :roll_eyes:

  • Petter

The first part was a bit boring. Just like the others said the problem is that you are always in the same place, same camera angle, same tricks try to work more on that!
You guys are good, keep training!:wink: