Uni Freestyle day in SW UK ? would you be interested

Hi all
I’m going to apply for a grant from exeter festival to part fund a freestyle day in November this year. My plan is to use the grant money ( if we get it) to get Connie Cotter down for a days intensive freestyle workshops with the aim of putting together a short group freestyle routine to be preformed at BUC 09 and maybe in the Devon “Chance to dance” project in spring 2009. Also giving individuals a chance to work on their own routines and skills with a couple of freestyle judges on hand for constructive advice and tips.

If we use riverside there would be room for some hockey as well for part of the time.

The event has to be on either Saturday 1st or 8th Nov to qualify for the grant . I can’t get riverside on the sundays. It has to be in exeter to qualify for funding.

Can you guys make those saturdays? would you want to come - would other people from your clubs want to come?
We could maybe extend the event to a weekend with a muni ride on sunday and indoor camping at Sylvannia hall again ( like in Jan).

SArah - for SWUM

Sounds good. I cant confirm I can definatly make those dates but I will definatly try. Yea Im up for it.

I should be able to manage the first date, could be a good day!

I’m always up for a muni ride if it happens, and should be able to make either of those weekends. Not sure about the freestyle workshop - if there’s room for muppets I’ll come along and work on something simple, but if it’s all potential display team training I’ll keep out of the way.


I’ll be in kent uni then, but I’d try to come back for this.

SWUM have been awarded a grant by Exeter City Council to help us run this freestyle training day as part of the Exeter Autum Festival.

It will be on Saturday 1st November at Riverside leisure centre.

To include
Teaching and coaching from the best free style riders & judges we can get, hopefully Connie Cotter, Lucas Wintercrane and Amanda G.
A freestyle Showcase- a chance for riders to show off their moves in a non competitive format.
Putting together a group rountine in 1 day. Can we do it… who knows, will you take part and make it happen?

If you want to come and need to stay overnight saturday to do so, please let me know ASAP. I can try and get the community hall agian as in Jan 08 after hockey.