Uni Frames

Just to let you know I’ll shortly be in a position to produce frames again.

I’ll be doing a few bits and pieces and hoping to re-build my coker frame for 29er wheels.

Coker frame:

that’s good to hear, I’ll start saving…

How much do your frames cost?

Will you be bulding trials frames also

What’s the turn-around time?

I can build trials/muni/freestyle/bike/whatever frames and make them light/strong/tank-like.

Cost and turnaround depends entirely on what it is you want building.

If you want one NOW I believe Roger has a 24/26/28 frame and a 20 inch trials available.

would it be cost effective to have your seat tubes increase in size to 25.4?

your frames are rock on but Thomson posts start at 25.4

finding a 22.2 post thats light weight is hard, and expensive when you find it. the lightest ones i found in 22.2 by FMF are still heavier than a 25.4 Thompson.

I can do that, yes, but 27.2 would be easier.

The Cro-mo Cactus post is the best 22.2 around and provides more flex and spring than the larger diameter posts.

I have one somewhere and it works very well indeed - takes the edge off roads etc.

Have you got a photo of this Cactus post? Where did you get it from? Most cyclists would argue that flex and spring are undesirable features in a seatpost. Why are they so good in this post?