Uni for tot.

I’m looking to buy a uni for my son. He is 3, and I’m thinking of gettin him started in the summer. What would be recommended in terms of size?

I’m thinking of buying used, so if anyone has one that they’d like to sell, please let me know.


you should contact justonewheel, he would know about stuff like that, he has his kid’s unicycling future all planned out

probably 12" wheel, better go with splined cranks

Here you go buddy, enjoy

thats hot

Yes, My son is 5 months old and when he hits 11-12 months the
12" will be waiting even if I have to put blocks on the pedals.
Although he will have the unicoaster to get him started.

The SUN 12" is perfect for a 3yr old for just $49.00 US (new)
It’s built like a regular unicycle (hub, cranks and all), just make sure he doesn’t do any drops bigger than 18" :astonished:

I tried that on my muni and it made a nasty creak so I’m anoyed at being limited to 12in drops :frowning:

You definitely need a stronger Muni!

and tightening the spokes will help
and learning to land on a splined uni
drops don’t look good anyways.

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Thanks man… looks perfect.

If you find that he can’t reach the pedals with the seat all of the way down, you can cut the seat tube (not the seat post) to make it smaller. I did that so that my son could reach the pedals.
You’ll also have to make the notch where the quick release squeezes the tube to hold the seat post.

If you need more info, IM me.

I was kinda thinking the same thing, about cuttin the seat tube. Conveniently enough, I work in a welding and machining shop.

Through process of elimanation we can rule out getting him a coker.

Hate to break it to you, but at 11 /12 months it’ll still be a while before hes likely to be up for unicycling. HOWEVER- indepentant use of a wheeled vehicle at that age IS quite possible. our 11 m/o likes playing out on tarmac on his sit and ride car, loves useing the camber to get a “free ride” and choses where to steer to and how fast to go. We are thinking of dropping a wheel a year, next christmas maybe a trike, then a likeabike then a uni at rising 4. watching friends children, 4 sems to be an age when they like “having” a uni of their own even if its a year or 2 before they can really ride it. I’ve seen unicycles proudly pushed around convention halls by tots thrilled to have “their” uni just like daddy.

See, for example:

Jenny had her unicycle for her 4th birthday. She turned 5 a few days ago and her legs still haven’t grown enough for me to take the wooden blocks off the pedals (although she is very small for her age).

Charlie wants one for his 3rd birthday (in a couple of months). He’s a strapping young lad, so might be able to have his wooden blocks removed by the time he’s 4.