Uni for sale

Anybody wan buy a 1.5 year old Torker unicycle or knows of someon looking. Good entry level uni but still a torker. Anyone interested reply and we can talk. If anyone knows how I could go about selling it (where), then that would be good too.



Before you sell it, consider this…

the $50 you ‘might’ get for it will be long gone when a friend stops by and would like to try out your spare

do you know if it is a cx,lx,or dx?

How much?

post a picture of it, i know a kid that will buy it

I’m not sure what it is. At the point I bought it I just thought a unicycle is a unicycle, so I didn’t even know there would be a difference. Its a 20". If I can get a hold of a camera I’ll post it. I’ll be looking.


Is it chrome or black?
yes = CX

If it’s black, round crown?
yes = old LX

If it’s black and has a flat crown, does it have a KH seat (the kh is black AND grey)?
yes = DX

new LX

I think that works

i’m very interested in purchasing it for myself. describe it more in detail and name a price. i will purchase it immediately.

Where are you from? Going by what that guy said, I guess its a CX. Its chrome. It has a flat crown. 20" tire. Quick release seatpost clamp. Purchased 1.5 years ago. Not used during winters. You name the price and we can negotiate.

Just bringing it back to the top for weasul. :smiley:


I sent you a private message darchibald.