Uni For Sale (uk)

I’m selling one of my uni’s through lack of use, it will make a great freestyle and biginner trials uni.

The spec is as follows:-

-Nimbus 2 frame sprayed red
-DM BMX rim kinda matt silver
-Suzue hub silver
-QU-AX cranks blacky grey
-Both a slick red tyre and a onza 2.4
-Kris Holm seat in red and black (or a myata with kinport seat for extra)
-DMR V8’s in white and plastic pedals
-Black bolted seat clamp

Frame, cranks, both tyres pedals and clamp have been used only once or twice so the uni is pretty mint

100 pounds takes it, bargain! Handbuild myself, and great condition.


check your PMs…

Replied :slight_smile:

Alas I’m not able to buy it due to seasonal finances :frowning:

A 3" tyre will fit and the paintjob is mint!

i might be interested…
it’s a twenty-inch wheel, right?
also do you have any idea how much postage would cost(to south uk)?:slight_smile:

i might be interested…
it’s a twenty-inch wheel, right?
also do you have any idea how much postage would cost(to south uk)?:slight_smile:

once is enough :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah, it’s a 20inch wheel, and postage will be about a tenner I imagine.

er looked at my bank balance today,
christmas shopping has left me pretty skint so can’t really
sorry dude

Bloody el’, thats two people who’ve been too generous to others at christmas :stuck_out_tongue:

how much is 100 pounds in canadian funds? :thinking:

237.444 CAD

I think I may be interested in buying your uni, although it may have to wait 'til after crimbo. I’m also interested in coming up to one of your clubs next meets/rides. I’m in the process of setting up a club here in macclesfield, which is going well, and it would be useful for me to come up and see how your club works. It looks like I should definitely be getting funding from Awards For All, as in the North West they’re in the rare position of having more money than applications…which is nice!!! It also means applications are taking 4-5 weeks to be processed instead of 8.

Anyhoo, have a very merry crimbo,


Go for it Kit - if I can be of any assistance dont hesitate to ask.

Merry Christmas,


OK, be nice to have a visitor at CM&TC :slight_smile: And the hundred pounds would be nice too :stuck_out_tongue:

I will almost certainly take you up on the offer of help, and 'tis muchly appreciated! The local community sports development officer who’s my main contact and helper in getting the club going has asked me to put together a leaflet on general unicycling to put about the place. A hard thing to do really, so I think I’m just going to make a leaflet about the club which’ll incorporate a bit of general bumpf on the different types of uni riding. She’s also keen on me to get some national uni hockey and trials tournaments going, so if you or other chaps/chapesses are interested then we should get something going…More on that once I’m set up and running.

In short, things are looking rather peachy. Although can’t really get things moving anymore until after crimbo.

When is your next planned ride? As I’ll have to work out time off etc. Guess how many extra days off I have over christmas???..0, zilch, none…Bummer! The joys of cheffing.

I’d love to come and do some riding in the lakes though. I’ve done loads of walking and bit of kayaking up there, but as yet no uni…

Have a tipsy christmas (is there another kind??).